In the article that I just read, I seen a few tips that are given to help you take more advantage of your travel miles. I agree that we can’t always just drop what we are doing spur of the moment, and take advantage of a great deal, but when it’s 100% worth it, we may have no choice. You may need just a little get away for the weekend, after a rough week of work, and a great deal pops up, you should jump on it.

You should always be willing and ready to take advantage of the offers you get, because they don’t last very long. They may only last a few hours, or a few days. You have to be able to afford your trips as well, don’t take a trip to Spain just because it’s a good deal. You have to be wise with your money, and make the right choices that will benefit you and your family.

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Three Tips For Snagging Bonus Miles And Rewards Points From Credit Cards


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