It’s Time To Invent Rituals For Retirement

10,000 people turn 65 every single day in the United States. Coupled with the looming wave of baby boomers and modern medicine, we all expect we will have the largest influx of retirees we have seen to date. Yet, what is retirement, really? Or, what should it be? Is it walking on the beach, lounging, spending free time with your family?

What if retirement was not a long rest trial, but a way for you to embark on the most important journey of your life? What if you decided to reinvoke many of the traditions and rituals you held dear while growing up, especially ones that are seemingly forgotten by current generations. What if, instead of relaxing, you set out on a major goal you’ve always had but have never been able to pursue? What if your retirement accomplishments could be of more value to you than your career?

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It’s Time To Invent Rituals For Retirement


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