Why You Need Life Insurance If You Have A Chronic Health Condition

Why You Need Life Insurance If You Have A Chronic Health Condition

Getting life insurance is one of the best practices to secure your family financially. When applying for life insurance, it is true that you can be easily qualified if your health condition is relatively impressive. If you are healthier and younger, insurance companies tend to give the best available rates or premium offers. On the other hand, people with a critical illness or disabilities are provided with substantial rates and have a bigger chance of getting denied.

But what if you have health history like an injury due to sports or accident, or chronic health condition? You might think that qualifying for life insurance is impossible and will be getting the worst rate possible. Well, that is not the case. In fact, you can also avail of life insurance even if you have a chronic health condition. 


Chronic Health Condition and Its Effects Globally


Before applying for life insurance for chronic health conditions, you must first know what they are. Chronic health conditions are illnesses that have long term effects on patients. A minimum of three months under a certain illness may be considered as chronic. Usually, these conditions are terminal but some can be controlled by medication like diabetes. The effects of chronic diseases have a great impact across the globe as there are no age or specific factors in which you can acquire them. Children and toddlers are also not exempted from having chronic illnesses. 

Here is a list of chronic health conditions and the number of cases globally.

  • High blood pressure – it affects around 50 percent of the global population and can exhibit in the teenage years. Most cases are linked to a hereditary factor and/or an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Arthritis – 22 percent of the total population suffers from joint pains and inflammation.