How Do You Know When to Stop Trying for a Baby?

How Do You Know When to Stop Trying for a Baby?

After several miscarriages, a couple continues to try for a baby in hopes that the next pregnancy will be successful. Adoption is a option logisitically, but this family would prefer a child of their own. Alea, the woman writing the blog, describes both miscarriages and the hope associated with each pregnancy. Her wife has lost two babies as well to miscarriages. In total, the two of them have lost four children. This was a devastating time but they continue to try in hopes of having a child of their own. The baby after countless miscarriages is referred to as the ‘rainbow baby’. They empathize with women who have suffered many more miscarriages. While this is a tragedy of course, it is also hopeful knowing after the many losses it is still possible to begin a family. She considers a different life, trying to decide when to give up the hope of having a child. She questions whether or not she will ever be a mother and if she should give up the idea of it. She questions if she deserves a child. She is lost in the idea of it all but continues to persist in order to have the family she dreams of.

Key Points:

  • 1Aela Mass, a would-be Mom, has been charting her painful journey of attempted conception on
  • 2The journey has encompassed three years, IVF cycles and many miscarriages and heartache.
  • 3Despite the brutal setbacks, what keeps her going is the thought that every time might be the successful time.

At what point is it no longer fair to my spirit — which breaks more with every new bleed — to keep trying unsuccessfully?

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