Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). After six months of blood work and doctor visits to an OBGYN, an MD, and an Endocrinologist, I had nearly given up hope of discovering what was truly wrong with me.


I had finally decided to kick birth control pills to the curb. I was sick of having to depend on synthetic hormones to have hormonal balance, so I quit taking them cold turkey. Within sixty days, I had put on almost 20 pounds without changing my diet or exercise routine. By Christmas that year, I maxed out at over 25 pounds and found myself sitting on my bedroom floor, crying, because I didn’t fit into any of my clothes, and I was running late for Christmas Eve dinner at my mother’s house.

What was happening to me? I’ve always been conscious of my eating habits with a few splurges here or there, and I was exercising almost seven days a week; all the while I was putting on more and more weight.

Hence, I began my journey of discovering what truly caused the weight gain and how to fix it (fast!). After my endocrinologist reviewed my elevated testosterone levels and learned that I was experiencing an absent menstrual cycle (since going off of the birth control pills), he shook his head in confusion and muttered the words “polycystic ovarian syndrome?” After diagnosing me, he told me I was in my normal weight range for my height and told me to go home.

I later learned that most doctors know very little about PCOS. That’s probably why most doctors thought I had hypothyroidism or was pre-menopausal. I was 25! Although the symptoms of PCOS overlap with that of other disorders (acne, obesity, unexplained weight gain, insulin resistance, infertility, abnormal hair growth, irregular or absent menses), doctors prescribe one thing only: birth control pills. Metformin is also sometimes prescribed to control the insulin resistance.

Needless to say, I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and out of answers. I had no one to turn to. No one understood what I was going through!

Then something wonderful happened. My mother and I decided to research PCOS for ourselves, and we found an interesting company on the web, Insulite Health, that specifically catered to women with PCOS and insulin resistance.

I decided to give the supplements a shot for the recommended six month plan. I figured if they didn’t work, I was no worse off than my current state, and the package was completely refundable!

Within six weeks, without changing my diet (I already had a healthy diet) and exercising less often, I dropped ten pounds. It was right in time for my wedding reception; the only bad thing was my dress – it was too big on me! By my honeymoon, I had dropped another five pounds. I decided that since the weight was coming off with ease, I should start weight training to start getting some muscle definition. I had hit my starting weight and lost a total of 25 pounds! Most of my symptoms were completely gone, and I was experiencing a regular menstrual cycle.

To this day, I am in shape and feel amazing. I have also become a certified nutritionist and I dedicated my work to helping other women with PCOS! My wish is for other women to find a solution to overcome PCOS so they too, can live fully with the best health possible.

For more information on taking control of polycystic ovarian syndrome, go to pcos.com. You can also learn more about the natural supplements I took to reverse my PCOS symptoms at PCOS 5-Element System

Insulite Health, a Boulder, Colorado USA based company, is committed to reversing Insulin Resistance – a potentially dangerous imbalance of blood glucose and insulin. Scientific research has revealed that this disorder can be a primary cause of many devastating health symptoms. Insulin Resistance can also underlie the increased risk factors for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) – a major source of serious diseases as well as cause of excess weight gain, obesity and heartbreaking female infertility.

©Insulite Health, Inc., pcos.com empowers women with PCOS to transform their lives through a process of healing with their PCOS 5-Element System – the worlds only complete solution for helping women heal from the symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalance.


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Robin is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. She comes to Insulite Health with a passion for helping women live vibrant, passionate lives. Robin had her own struggles with health. As a teenager she suffered from digestive disorders, weight, acne and hypoglycemia. As an adult she continued to struggle with balancing blood sugar, adult acne, mood swings, weight gain, arthritic conditions in her hands and chronic inflammation. Robin understands first hand how symptoms of poor health can keep us from living the life we dreamed of.

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