How to Heal Your Digestion

How to Heal Your Digestion


Hi beauties. Hey, this is Robin and this is Hormone Breakthrough Wednesday. So excited to meet you here. Are you feeling how absolutely incredible this Facebook group is? I think that every single woman in this group is absolutely amazing and I just want to send you all so much love. This group is changing women’s lives every single day. Just the fact that you are here and you are showing up for each other is incredible. Just to know that there’s someone else out there with the similar problems that you might be experiencing is just, it kind of puts us at peace. It’s like “wow, I’m not alone here.” And to know that you can heal, you can actually become the CEO of your own health and heal your own body. How incredible is that? So, I want to talk today just for a moment about how healing our digestion can actually heal a lot of symptoms of hormone imbalance.

I actually put a poll up in our Facebook group here and I’m hoping that you will jump in and add to that list. So far we have 32 comments in there. It’s really incredible. Thirty-two of you have posted your digestive symptoms that you’re experiencing. So I just want to hear from every single one of you because if you’re not experiencing digestive symptoms and you have hormone issues, then I just want you to become more aware of what’s happening in your body. So I just want to acknowledge every single one of you who have posted on that post and say thank you so much because it’s going to help to guide me for next week on what to share with you and how to help you overcome some of these symptoms of digestive unwellness.

We are going to heal your digestion. Seven secrets to restore your digestion and balance your hormones. Doesn’t that feel amazing? So we know that there are three things that we really have to address when it comes to our hormones. It’s digestion, it’s detox, it’s adrenal function and of course there are a lot of other things that come into play, right? Thyroid function and many other things. But those are the top three. So when you really can master those three things, your hormones really start to come into balance and you start to feel so much better. So I’ve heard from so many of you that digestion is a big deal.

I also want you to make sure that either on this video or on the post that’s right here, just share what your digestive challenges are so I can make sure that I address them. I just want to give you some insights into specific symptoms that can be associated with digestive challenges that you might not be aware of. So of course we know that bloating and gas and acid reflux, those are biggies. And those we’re really aware of, and you know, some women actually get more bloated as the day goes on. You might wake up with a flat tummy and then as the day goes on you might feel more and more distended. Your clothes might not fit as well as they did in the morning. Those are digestive problems, but here are some other weird ones that you just might not be aware of.

I’m going to share quite a few of them; I just want to see if you can relate. We’re going to get this diges