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Hi beauties. Hey, this is Robin and this is Hormone Breakthrough Wednesday. So excited to meet you here. Are you feeling how absolutely incredible this Facebook group is? I think that every single woman in this group is absolutely amazing and I just want to send you all so much love. This group is changing women’s lives every single day. Just the fact that you are here and you are showing up for each other is incredible. Just to know that there’s someone else out there with the similar problems that you might be experiencing is just, it kind of puts us at peace. It’s like “wow, I’m not alone here.” And to know that you can heal, you can actually become the CEO of your own health and heal your own body. How incredible is that? So, I want to talk today just for a moment about how healing our digestion can actually heal a lot of symptoms of hormone imbalance.

I actually put a poll up in our Facebook group here and I’m hoping that you will jump in and add to that list. So far we have 32 comments in there. It’s really incredible. Thirty-two of you have posted your digestive symptoms that you’re experiencing. So I just want to hear from every single one of you because if you’re not experiencing digestive symptoms and you have hormone issues, then I just want you to become more aware of what’s happening in your body. So I just want to acknowledge every single one of you who have posted on that post and say thank you so much because it’s going to help to guide me for next week on what to share with you and how to help you overcome some of these symptoms of digestive unwellness.

We are going to heal your digestion. Seven secrets to restore your digestion and balance your hormones. Doesn’t that feel amazing? So we know that there are three things that we really have to address when it comes to our hormones. It’s digestion, it’s detox, it’s adrenal function and of course there are a lot of other things that come into play, right? Thyroid function and many other things. But those are the top three. So when you really can master those three things, your hormones really start to come into balance and you start to feel so much better. So I’ve heard from so many of you that digestion is a big deal.

I also want you to make sure that either on this video or on the post that’s right here, just share what your digestive challenges are so I can make sure that I address them. I just want to give you some insights into specific symptoms that can be associated with digestive challenges that you might not be aware of. So of course we know that bloating and gas and acid reflux, those are biggies. And those we’re really aware of, and you know, some women actually get more bloated as the day goes on. You might wake up with a flat tummy and then as the day goes on you might feel more and more distended. Your clothes might not fit as well as they did in the morning. Those are digestive problems, but here are some other weird ones that you just might not be aware of.

I’m going to share quite a few of them; I just want to see if you can relate. We’re going to get this digestive symptom assessment up on our all access page, so when you opt in for the digestion training, Heal Your Digestion, you will get access to our all access page and it’ll have a link to take the digestion assessment. It’s kind of lengthy. It’s really amazing. You’re going to actually be going through your upper GI, you’re going to be going through your liver and gallbladder. I’m going to be sharing symptoms of liver and gallbladder and you’re actually going to score these different areas that you might be experiencing symptoms. You’ll kind of know if there’s a problem there.

Next, the third area that we’re going to dive into, is the small intestine and pancreas. Then after that we’re going to dive into the symptoms of the large intestine. There are four different areas of digestion that we’re going to take a look at to see if your symptoms that you’re experiencing might be starting there. This is a big root cause of hormone imbalance. I’m just going to share a few of the symptoms in each of these sections and you can see if you can relate to any of these. The first section is your upper GI, so, we know belching or gas within an hour after eating, heartburn, acid reflux, those are pretty common, bad breath is a symptom of upper GI problems. If you’ve experienced a loss of taste for meat, like if you just don’t want to eat meat, if your sweat has a strong odor, that’s coming from your upper GI. I was talking to one of my clients today and she’s finally switched off her toxic deodorant because she’s feeling a little bit more confident now that she’s not having as much body odor. But the bottom line is, is you really shouldn’t have any body odor. You shouldn’t really need to use deodorant. I use a salt crystal and after I get out of the shower and my armpits are a little wet, I just use a little salt crystal. And that’s all I use. So if you’re experiencing body odor, then you know that you’ve got some upper GI issues. Anemia, iron anemia or a B12 anemia is an upper GI symptom. I’ll give you one more, chronic diarrhea. Okay? That’s an upper GI symptom. The list is a lot longer than that, but that’s all I’m going to give you for right now.

The second area that I’m going to give you a few symptoms of is liver and gallbladders symptoms. So if you’re like “yes, I’m experiencing some of these,” just put down what you’re experiencing right here in the comment section. I’m going to go over liver and gallbladder symptoms. Do you ever experience a bitter taste in your mouth, especially after meals? One of my clients was saying that one of the supplements I had given her is smelling, tasting bitter. That’s probably because she’s having some liver or gallbladder symptoms cause normally it’s not bitter. Do you have a history of morning sickness? Do you experience nausea or motion sickness? Do you have greasy or shiny stools? Do you experience pain between your shoulder blades? That’s amazing, right? That that is associated with liver and gallbladder. Do you ever feel pain under the right side of your rib cage? So just right under here, do you ever experience pain? Okay, and of course the list is pretty long, so you’ll get to look at each symptom for each of these different areas and total up your score. Then I’m going to go over them next week. And so you’ll get an idea of where you need to focus on healing your digestion so that you can feel so much better, so that you can actually heal symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Now I’m going to share the small intestine and pancreas. The small intestine comes right after your stomach. The pancreas is what actually helps you to make digestive enzyme and it also produces insulin. It’s a really important organ for helping us to balance our hormones because insulin is like THE major hormone, right? Insulin and cortisol are. All right, so, swollen intestine and pancreas, I’m gonna give you a few clues here is to if you might be having issues there. So does your pulse speed up after eating? So it’s a really great way to tell if you’re having issues with some of the foods you’re eating. Take your pulse before you eat and then take your pulse after you eat, about 15 minutes after. If your pulse goes up by 10 or more beats per minute, then you’re experiencing food intolerances or a small intestine and pancreas issue. Do you experience sinus congestion or stuffy head? Are you sensitive to dairy, wheat, or grains? Do you have issues with asthma, sinus infections or a stuffy nose? Do you have bizarre, vivid dreams or nightmares? Those are all small intestine and pancreas issues.

I’m going to go to a new area and this is the large intestine symptoms. This is our last one. So I’m going to give you just a few symptoms that you might be experiencing if your colon needs support. This is the very end of digestion. So obviously it starts with the mouth and then it goes to the stomach and then it goes to the small intestine and it goes to the colon. Next week I’m going to share exactly what happens in each place because they each have their own incredible function. And if you think about it, like our digestion is outside of our body, right? It’s this tube that runs from our mouth to our anus and it’s not inside our body. It’s outside of our body in the sense that until we actually digest and absorb the nutrients in the food, it’s outside of our body. So we have to make sure that everything is really healthy along that digestive tube or pathway so that we can utilize what we’re eating and the great nutrients that we’re taking. It’s pretty amazing. In fact, if you had to start anywhere, digestion is the first place to begin.

So large intestine or colon, is your tongue coated? Do you have a coated tongue? Do you feel worse in moldy or musty places? Do you have less than one bowel movement every day? Do you have excessive foul smelling, lower bowel gas? That’s a colon issue. Do you have cramping in your lower abdominal region? Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Okay, that’s all I’m going to give you for colon and large intestine, lower bowels.

Those are just a few little symptoms that you might be experiencing in each of those areas. There are four areas total, but you’ll get a complete, very lengthy assessment of your digestion when you register for this awesome training. It’s an incredible time that we spend together because you are becoming the CEO, the woman in charge of your own health and I can’t wait to help you really dig in deep to healing your digestion. Be sure to post your digestive challenges either right here below this video. I want to hear from you so that I make sure that I cover the topics that are important to you and we’ll be going over that symptom questionnaire during the training and I can’t wait to meet you there. All right, sending you so much love. Bye for now.

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Robin is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. She comes to Insulite Health with a passion for helping women live vibrant, passionate lives. Robin had her own struggles with health. As a teenager she suffered from digestive disorders, weight, acne and hypoglycemia. As an adult she continued to struggle with balancing blood sugar, adult acne, mood swings, weight gain, arthritic conditions in her hands and chronic inflammation. Robin understands first hand how symptoms of poor health can keep us from living the life we dreamed of.

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Robin is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. She comes to Insulite Health with a passion for helping women live vibrant, passionate lives. Robin had her own struggles with health. As a teenager she suffered from digestive disorders, weight, acne and hypoglycemia. As an adult she continued to struggle with balancing blood sugar, adult acne, mood swings, weight gain, arthritic conditions in her hands and chronic inflammation. Robin understands first hand how symptoms of poor health can keep us from living the life we dreamed of.

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