The early stage of any exercise is anaerobic. Sprinting, weight lifting, push-ups, or jumping, in fact any short burst of exertion and high-intensity movement, is considered an anaerobic exercise.

There is a reason why it is called anaerobic (without air). During short, intense exercise, our body demands more oxygen than it is available, so it depends on energy that is stored in the muscles. That is the key for its role in any fitness program. Anaerobic exercise is not meant to burn off fat ” “ you need oxygen for that ” “ its main role is to build strong muscles.

How it works

When you start intense exercise, your muscles experiences a temporary lack of oxygen. Producing energy without air creates lactic acid. High level of lactic acid in the blood creates muscular fatigue, what means that you can do anaerobic exercises for a short time only.

Ideally, anaerobic and aerobic exercises should both be part of a good fitness plan. One great way to introduce intensive anaerobic exercise to your program is with interval training,  also called high intensity interval training or HIIT for short. Whether you do it with running, biking, swimming or push-ups, interval training involves short intervals of intense activity followed with short periods of slower activity or rest. This should be repeated for a while (about 8-10 times) and should not be done every day.

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Anaerobic exercise does not burn so many calories as aerobic exercise. It is also less important in cardiovascular fitness. But, it is much better at building overall strength and muscle mass. Anaerobic exercise will also increase the maximum amount of oxygen you use during exercise, improving your cardio and respiratory fitness. Anaerobic exercise will also increase your endurance and the ability to stand fatigue. Because building muscles takes a lot of energy, anaerobic exercises can also help with weight loss. Increased lean muscle mass boosts metabolism, again helping with the weight loss and the decrease in body fat.

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3 thoughts on “Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

  1. Shreya

    great article…!
    was looking for this content,how anaerobic vs aerobic exercises benefit all the answer…thank you

    1. Amr

      Positive of aerobic training Negative of hyper anaerobic
      Heart rate 60 – 75% Heart rate 70%
      Training with oxygen Training without oxygen
      • Increase capillaries which helps improving oxygen transport to muscles Increase lactate/ lactic acid formation
      • Increase energy production by increasing Mitochondrial which produce energy in the cells Feeling burnt out – don’t feel to do workout
      • Teach your body to relying on fat as a fuel more than sugar Nagging injuries
      • Helps reduce lactic-lactate acid formation which forming in your body during intense workout as faster energy production Decreasing performance
      • Increase stroke volume which increase the efficiency of your heart Feeling dizzy – or light headed after getting up from sitting down because your endocrine system is stressed out that is mean your hormone is out of balance a lot of time that can lead to a prospective diabetic
      Aerobic make you better athlete and more efficient in competition because it makes you go harder, longer and faster Craving salt and sugar
      Sodium/ glycogen deficiency
      Examples of aerobic activity running, row, and swim 20 – 30 min Recommend two times per week Blood sugar irregularity because of eating too much sugar cause sugar metabolism issue that can lead to a prospective diabetic
      Trouble falling sleep – wake up at night
      Hyper anaerobic lead to stress, more cortisone production in body keep you wake up
      Frequent night time urination – because of overtraining which a sign acknowledge you about a prospective diabetic
      Eyelid spasms – hyper caffeine intake
      Benefits of anaerobic
      1. Main role to build strong muscle
      2. Improving cardio and respiratory fitness
      3. Increasing endurance
      4. Support Weight loss
      5. Boosts metabolism

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