Chocolate Diet

Did you ever dream of working in the chocolate factory? Doing research on chocolate is probably the second best. Dr. Beatrice Golomb and her colleagues from Department of Medicine at UC San Diego researched how regular consumption of chocolate affected 1018 healthy people of all ages from San Diego area, and found a range of benefits. Instead of making them fat, chocolate made them healthier and leaner.

The same study found positive results chocolate had on metabolism, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and cholesterol level. These results were attributed to the fact that chocolate is rich in catechins and other antioxidant phytonutrients, known for their insulin sensitivity and the power to maintain healthy blood pressure. Scientists concluded that modest but regular chocolate consumption might reduce fat deposition, offsetting the calories present in chocolate.

Dr. Golomb and her colleagues are not the only ones looking into chocolate for weight loss and general health. Another study published in British Medical Journal found positive correlation between high consumption of chocolate and lower risks of cardiometabolic disorders. In the four-years long study, scientists from Yale University found that eating chocolate during pregnancy may reduce pregnancy risks, particularly preeclampsia.

We can also add the well known fact that chocolate is the best mood enhancer. This, of course, does not mean that we should have chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream three times a day. Anything else added to the chocolate, especially loaded with sugar and fat, will only offset the true chocolate goodness.   The best way to eat chocolate is in small but perfect bites. One perfect dark chocolate truffle a day goes a long way.


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