Embrace the mocktail this holiday season!

It is the season for Holiday Celebrating!   A mocktail could be the perfect solution — helping to ‘stay on track’ during a night out or on a special occasion by saving calories and reducing alcoholic intake.

Instead of falling victim to calorie laden drinks this season, reach for a mocktail.

Mocktails make the party fun for everyone:

Pregnant women
People with special dietary needs
Designated drivers
Those that just don’t drink can all enjoy mocktails!

Julie Reiner, the owner of Clover Club in Brooklyn and the Flat Iron Lounge in Manhattan comments on the recent trend of mocktails and she said that bartenders’ obsession with making better and more creative cocktails has trickled down to their sober sisters. ”It’s even more fun and more of a challenge to make great mocktails than cocktails.”

We started our mocktail with flavored water.  We love the hydrating quality, the fruit flavors, and the no calories.  Aquafina FlavorSplash is our secret ingredient to this season’s celebratory concoctions and can come to the rescue when you’re looking for a way to cut some calories from your menu, or create a drink with a surprising twist.  Aquafina FlavorSplash is made with all natural fruit flavors and each delicious flavor has: NO calories; NO carbs; NO sugar and is low in sodium.

Tips on creating this season’s mocktail and adding a little flavor to your life WITHOUT the guilt:

– Use tinted glasses for a splash of color or break out your holiday stem ware make it special, make it fun.
– Make ice cubes using your flavored water to really turn up the flavor.
– Mix with club soda for a little sparkle or a dash of 7up.  Those bubbles keep things festive.
– Fun garnishes turn drinks from average to chic. Try unexpected rim accessories like:
A slice of mango (perfect for the Peach Mango Mocktail)
A candy cane (works well with Strawberry Kiwi, surprisingly!)
A cinnamon stick highlights the bergamot in the Lemon flavor
A raspberry or blackberry dusted with a touch of powdered sugar looks like snow while packing flavor that works with all mocktails!  We love the fruit in the berry flavored water.

All you need is some creativity and you too can come up with fun Mocktail recipes.  Post your favorite mocktails to the comments section below.


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