Hot Belt Review – Can it Truly Promote Weight Loss?

Hot Belt Review – Can it Truly Promote Weight Loss?

With seemingly most Americans being at least overweight, if not obese, it’s so surprise that the weight-loss industry is constantly booming. All of the different supplements, diet plans, exercise products, and accessories can be impossible to keep an eye on. However, we have taken the chance to help you out by looking at some of the most popular and novel of these. Today, we take a look at the Hot Belt. Does it work?

The Hot Belt is basically what it sounds like – a cloth belt that wraps around the midsection and provides self-generated heat to that region of the body. It’s made of neoprene and designed to wick sweat so that, while the user will become sweaty in the region where the belt is applied, the belt itself won’t become unusable.

But, does the Hot Belt have any specific, sustainable weight-loss benefits? Not directly, as it will only promote water loss through sweat during workouts. However, there might be second-order benefits in that raising the core body temperature can lead to a higher resting metabolic rate, which in turn requires the burning of more calories to sustain. Still, it is unlikely that the Hot Belt is going to be a fundamental part of any successful weight loss program.

Key Points:

  • 1Hot Belt promotes sweating around the abdomen especially during a workout.
  • 2Hot Belt provides lumbar support helping with any lower back pain during workouts.
  • 3Hot Belt does not help you to lose fat and the fluid loss will come back once you re-hydrate.

While wearing a Hot Belt garment does cause significant fluid loss through sweating, it’s unlikely to result in serious weight loss after a workout.

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