“What I Learnt After 10 Years Of Helping People Lose Weight”

Losing weight is a task that, for many, is daunting enough. People have tried countless methods and fads just to shed a few pounds, but find the process impractical and unsustainable in the long term. Even after finding a method of losing weight that works, many people find that maintaining their weight loss is an even bigger challenge. After 10 years of working with people through their weight-loss journey, Adam Gilbert has developed and shared seven simple tips for successful weight-loss.

The first tip for losing weight and keeping it off is to schedule personal fun. Often, overeating is an attempt to relieve tension. Making time to relieve stress with activities that you find enjoyable, such as yoga classes or volunteering, replaces the habit of eating to release tension with a healthier option. Acquiring your enjoyment from hobbies and activities frees you from the pressure of getting enjoyment from food and drinks.

The second tip is to realize that food is not what you’re really craving. Food can be used as an escape from reality, and is often used to avoid the stresses of everyday life. Getting to the root of what you’re avoiding and confronting it head on will erase the need to use eating as a distraction from your troubles. You have to figure what actually is bothering you and why.
Anyone on the path to weight-loss must fully realize that 80% of weight loss is dieting.

Going to the gym will not make much of a difference if your diet is poor.  Planning meals ahead of time allows you to make good choices with a clear head. When people wait until they’re hungry or tired, they do not make the best choices. Most of the time, sudden cravings arise for unhealthy options as opposed to healthier choices. Having a planned out, healthy option readily available makes the weight-loss process much easier reduces the possibility of eating poorly.

Another important tip is to ensure that the path you’re taking is sustainable. Any plan for weight loss must be able to work in the long run, so avoid fad diets that cannot be followed for long. Ask yourself if you can see yourself still following your chosen plan a few years from now. This is how you will give yourself the chance to succeed from the very beginning.

The next tip is to pause and see if you’re just emotionally hungry or actually physically hungry before you eat. Emotional hunger comes on suddenly and is marked by specific cravings. It is hard to satisfy, because the hunger is not truly for food, but for something else. Physical hunger is true hunger that comes on gradually and can be satisfied by eating any food.

The last tip Adam gives is to plan your indulgences. Completely cutting out treats is unnecessary if they’re special to you. Adam’s rule is that if your special indulgence won’t be memorable in two weeks, it’s not worth your while.

Overall, there is no one set secret to successful, sustainable weight loss. Practicing consistency in a healthy diet and exercise plans will promote positive results in the long run.

Key Points:

  • 1Having meals planned and prepared ahead of time helps you eat healthier and stay within your diet.
  • 2Understand what drives your eating behaviors. Typically hunger is not the real issue.
  • 3Have fun in life. Focusing solely on diets and the scale will burn you out and either depress you or cause you to stop your weight loss goals.

For 10 years, I’ve worked to simplify the weight-loss process for people into practical, sustainable behaviours that help you lose weight and actually keep it off.

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