Making the Most of a Walking Workout

When your doctor tells you getting in shape will help, that doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself into a ridiculous exercise regimen full of high impact activities. Exercise means just that; getting and staying more active. Even walking, as pedestrian as it sounds, will give you that overall health boost your doctor is pushing you towards as long as you stick with it.

Walking is something nearly everyone can do, safely and easily. After all, most of us can and do walk as we move through our lives. Setting aside some time to walk for the purpose of improving your life doesn’t require anything other than a little time, and the will to stick with it on a regular basis. Walking works most of your body, and most importantly boosts your metabolism. This doesn’t just burn off calories and energy, but also helps bolster your heart by strengthening it as it powers you through the walking workout. Even this basic form of exercise can decrease your odds of negative health outcomes, both physical as well as mental. Diabetes, for example, is primarily linked to lifestyle factors; so regular walking can stave it off. Depression too can be beaten just by encouraging your body to cheer your mind up as the natural endorphins of physical activity lift your spirits.

Key Points:

  • 1Moderate, brisk walking regulates blood glucose levels, burns fat, and protects your body from nerve damage.
  • 2Walking is an inexpensive exercise that can start on a treadmill and progress to street-side strolls.
  • 3If you have diabetes, seriously consider walking as a way to manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

It’s never too late to reap the benefits of walking, whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes or have lived with it for years.

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