Preparation for Weight Loss – Mental Attitude is the Basis

Making a meaningful change in your diet is definitely difficult. It requires us to fundamentally alter our approach to meals, to how we think of and consume food, and is one of the biggest obstacles in dieting when people consider whether or not to engage in diet based weight loss. This is why so much dieting advice focuses not necessarily on the physical, on the diet itself; but in helping us stay focused and ready to stick to it.

Dieting is a decision. We choose what we will or won’t eat. We choose when to eat, how we eat, how we’ll prepare food. Choice is at the heart of any lifestyle decision, including our meals. Staying motivated to adhere to a desired change in diet is crucial to success.

Everyone is different, and different things work for different people. But some general guidelines can offer a path to success for most people. Ease into major diet changes, rather than jumping in cold turkey. Gradual shifts can be easier to assimilate and make into habits. Staying focused on goals, such as improving overall health, can help increase your enthusiasm for adhering to the lifestyle change you’re trying to achieve. Create active rewards, that don’t include food, you treat yourself to when you reach certain goals in your transition.

Key Points:

  • 1Its important to mentally prepare for weight loss by using internal and external motivation.
  • 2Set goals with time frames and be realistic with your desired results.
  • 3Make a list of why you want to lose weight-how it will affect you and your life.

You have to think about what really motivates us to change, realize that there will be better and worse moments, as well as learn to overcome your own weaknesses.

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