What Body Types Will Benefit Most From Taking a Dietary Supplement?

It is thought that there are 3 main body types, the Endomorph, the Mesomorph, and the Ectomorph. In addition to the look of the particular body type, it is also thought that each of the body types has characteristics linked to different metabolic processes. Some people choose to eat and exercise according to their body type.

The Endomorph

The Endomorph tends to be quite small but with a muscular body. Then have what would be described as a stocky build. Their metabolic rate is quite slow so they tend to gain fat quite easily and find it quite difficult to lose.

The Mesomorph

A Mesomorph body type tends to have a large bone structure. They are athletic and strong and can gain weight easily but in the same way can lose weight easily.

The Ectomorph

Ectomorphs would be considered to be more of the athletic type. They tend to be slim and they tend to have a fast metabolic rate so weight gain is more difficult for an Ectomorph body type. They also tend to have a fairly small bone structure.


Most of us, however, do not fit into exactly one body type and show traits from the other body types too. In addition, it can sometimes be difficult to establish our body type and once we have gained weight, it becomes even more difficult to do that. Since all of the body types have the potential to gain weight, albeit some more than others, all body types could benefit from taking a dietary supplement, should the need arise.

Dietary supplements work in a number of different ways, some help to suppress our appetite which makes us feel less hungry and therefore less likely to overeat, some help to suppress our cravings and therefore help to stop us snacking, some bind to fat, some help to step up our metabolic rate and in addition, some have nutrients which nourish and support other processes in the body too.

Regardless of your body type, it is important to maintain a sensible, healthy diet plan which includes properly prepared food. With many of us adopting sedentary lifestyles, weight gain is easy and common. Moving around is important and even better would be a regular program of exercise. Not allowing weight gain to progress is important and often dietary supplements are added in as part of a weight loss program to provide extra support as dieting alone can prove problematic for many.

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If weight gain has been allowed to progress, care should be taken when beginning any weight loss programme. Exercise can be difficult and making too many radical changes too quickly can result in feelings of ill health.

Consider your position carefully and take advice if necessary. Shop around to find the dietary supplement that is best for you. No two people are the same and everyone responds to different approaches. Follow the dosage instructions and do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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