9 Things I Did Differently to Get Pregnant This Time

9 Things I Did Differently to Get Pregnant This Time

Getting pregnant can be a serious challenge for many women, such as Aela. However, she was able to become pregnant after following a strict regimen after failing for 4 years. She tried everything from fertility meds to injections, but was still unable to become pregnant. Just when she felt like she tried it all, she engaged in 9 different activities all at the same time, which she believes may have helped her become pregnant when no other single treatment would suffice. She cleaned up her diet and cut out alcohol which allowed her to shed some pounds and stay healthy. In addition, she received acupuncture and stimulated blood flow with a lower body lift. Aela also experimented with some less logical treatments such as wearing multiple pairs of socks, wearing fertility stones, and eating pineapple cores. In fact, she even stopped her fertility meds for two months prior to these actions and was still able to become pregnant. Although many people may want to give up hope, Aela’s story inspires you to carry on.

Key Points:

  • 1Basically, I wanted to keep any foods that didn’t have solid nutritional value off my plate.
  • 2Not that I drank all that much to begin with, but I didn’t drink a drop for nearly two months going into and during this cycle.
  • 3Between eating better foods and not drinking any alcohol, the excess weight pretty much melted away in a few weeks.

While it doesn’t matter if I personally believe in any of this stuff, the fact remains that others believed it for me, and I carried each of those beliefs with me the day our final embryo was transferred into me.

Read the full article at: https://www.babble.com/pregnancy/things-i-did-differently-to-get-pregnant-this-time/


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