Feeding Facets – Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Baby Formula

It seems like everywhere you look these days there are more and more organic products on the market. For those parents out there, you may have noticed the emergence of organic baby formula. What exactly is so special about this type of formula and why should you pay the premium price for it? There are several reasons that you may want to switch your baby to organic formula, and each individual parent will have their own reasons.

As you are most likely aware, all baby formulas have to meet extremely high standards to be sold on supermarket shelves. While these standards are very high, and for good reason, the organic baby formula requires even more rigorous testing. Is all of this going to be worth the higher price at the checkout? It is completely up to your reasons for wanting to switch.

Below is some information on what makes this formula so special and why the added cost may be justified.


What Makes Organic Baby Formula Different?


Organic does not always mean higher quality ingredients, it just means that it has passed the very strict guidelines set by the government. Cow’s milk is used almost exclusively as the main ingredient, as well as things like glucose and corn syrup. At first glance, this may not seem any different than conventional formulas, but there are a few extras that you should look out for.

A lot of organic formulas will be boosted with things such as pro and prebiotics, different vitamins and minerals, as well as whey protein to help promote better muscle growth. It is never going to replicate real breast milk but it is a very good alternative for those who can afford it. There is a lot of good in this formula and you can be guaranteed it is the safest option on the market as well.


Consider The Main Nutrition Source For Your Baby


Your baby needs the best chance for nutrition, growth, and avoiding anything that may be an irritant. This is where organic formulas can make claims that they are more beneficial especially if your baby gets its main source of nutrition from formula. Since organic baby formula is so highly regulated there is a difference in the amount of nutrition, depending on the brand of course. If you can afford it, it is worth going with the premium-priced organic formulas on the market.


It’s All In The Ingredients


While there is a fair bit of talk about why organic baby formula is better than the conventional ones, it really depends on what the ingredients are. Every brand of formula is going to read differently on the label and this is a very important thing to watch out for. You want to look for the right ratios of proteins, fats, sugars, and everything else a growing baby needs. This may require a bit of research at first, but you can go to the store equipped with information and find the right organic formula for your child.


Organic Is Not Just A Fad


With all of the regulations on anything organic, you can be comforted by the fact you will be getting the highest quality product for your little one. While baby formula does differ vastly with certain ratios and ingredients, it would not be put on the shelf before being completely cleared by the government. If you want the best quality formula for your baby you can’t go wrong with organic if you can swing it. After all, your child deserves the best start in life.


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