Supplements That Help Getting Pregnant

Some women are so fertile, they almost seem to defy the laws of nature when it comes to getting pregnant; however, other women, have a hard time and can go months or years without being able to conceive or carry to term. Some of it is stress, some is timing, some can be attributed to the male partner, and some has to do with what each woman needs for her body to make a baby. Thanks to in depth studies and research, in addition to taking supplements that help getting pregnant, there are so many supplemental things both the man and woman can do to help strengthen their body for pregnancy, get pregnant easily and end up with a healthy baby.

Preparing For Pregnancy

The first thing to do is to visit your doctor. Explain that you are planning for a pregnancy and want to be as healthy and strong as possible. Your doctor may run some tests, inquire about any medication you have been using, perform a pap smear and cervical exam and see if there are any problems that need to be addressed based on you and your husband’s biological makeup. It may be suggested that you lose some weight first or go on a healthy diet to cleanse and strengthen your body for pregnancy. There may also be some lifestyle and dietary changes you should make. You and your husband should look at your finances, map out how much being pregnant and the necessary diet, multivitamins and doctor’s visits, labor and delivery and everything after will cost. This will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Genetic Compatibility

This is something to consider to minimize the chances of having a child with a genetic disease, or at least a serious one. When both a male and a female are carriers of a genetic disease, a child could end up with the most severe form. Thankfully, there are treatments so that you can still have a healthy child with your chosen partner.

Stress and Weight

Stress and weight problems can have an affect on male reproduction health as well. Obesity in men is linked to low quality sperm as well as a lower sperm count. Guys should be encouraged to take it easy too as this can also have an adverse effect on sperm health. Known Erektionsprobleme are for example Erektile Dysfunktion these can be treated with Potenzmittel, but also Testo Booster can help.

Minimizing Stress

Don’t tell everyone about your plans if you feel it’s going to put any pressure or stress on you, which have been proven to make it harder to conceive. Even after you conceive, you should just keep the good news to yourselves for a bit to keep the stress factor low.

Being Overweight

Being extremely overweight can decrease fertility and make it harder to conceive. Being closer to your ideal weight will also make your pregnancy more comfortable. Once pregnant, save yourself from experiencing unnecessary discomfort by following a good diet so that you gain the weight that you need but not too much extra. This will be easier if you are already close to your ideal weight and have a handle on a good diet before your pregnancy.



Even before you become pregnant, it’s good to take a multivitamin, and this has even been proven to increase fertility and minimize the possibility of birth defects.

Prenatal Vitamin

Women will definitely want to start taking these the minute the test comes back positive, but could also start taking prenatal vitamins before you conceive to improve your chances of conceiving and to make both mother and baby healthier and stronger.


Both mother and father should take this one. It is for ovulation and fertility in women and semen and testosterone production in men. In addition to a supplement, beans, dairy, whole grains, oysters, crab and lobster supply you with zinc.

Folic Acid or Folate

Found in citrus fruits, greens and grains, this should be taken by all women of childbearing age and men as well. It has a slew of health benefits for women, and in men it can help treat infertility.

Coenzyme Q10

Both men and women can take this to improve egg quality, increase sperm count and promote the healthy functioning of cells. The recommended dose is at least 30 mg but no more than 200 mg daily.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

This improves the quality of the embryo as seen in in vitro fertilization. This is only available through foods, such as fish, nuts and vegetables. It is also available through fish oil.


Women need 18 mg daily and pregnant women need 27 mg. As with most of the vitamins and minerals here, this will be in your supplement. However, you should check to make sure. You can never get too much of this naturally though, so look for it in dark, leafy greens, red meat and tofu.


You probably won’t find the recommended 1,000 mg a day in any prenatal or multivitamin, so make sure to take a calcium supplement, drink milk and eat dark leafy greens.

Vitamin B6

Start taking 10 mg of this daily before you conceive to lower your risk of suffering heavily from annoying side affects of pregnancy, such as morning sickness.


Viamins C and E are important for both mothers and fathers to be. For insurance, you can take a supplement, but they are also found in strawberries, oranges, sunflower seeds and almonds.


Available in supplement form, L-Carnitine, is very beneficial for many aspects of sperm health. Men should start taking this at least three months before trying to conceive for best results.

Follow A Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet of healthy, high quality foods gives your baby every chance to grow strong and healthy from conception until birth. Your diet should include vegetables, greens, dairy products, lean meats, fish, whole grains, nuts and fruits. Beans and spices are also highly beneficial. Sugary drinks, caffeine, fried foods and sweets should be enjoyed in moderation. Try alternatives, like treats low in sugar and decaffeinated coffee and tea, if you feel you must drink these beverages often.

Dealing With The Stress of An Unplanned Pregnancy

There are some things women shouldn’t do and some substances they shouldn’t consume when pregnant. When your habits haven’t been conducive to a healthy pregnancy and baby, then suddenly finding out you’re pregnant can leave you feeling sad, scared for the well-fair of your unborn child and unsure of what to do. The first thing to do is to stop doing anything that you know isn’t safe to do during pregnancy. Schedule a visit with your OBGYN, and explain the situation. Most likely, any fears you have can be put to rest. Immediately preparing for the baby by following a healthy diet, taking prenatal supplements, getting finances together and so on will have you just as prepared for the baby as the next woman.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Quickly

Knowing when you ovulate, can almost guarantee you will get pregnant on the first try. There are ovulation timetables created for women so they can know when they are most fertile, but each individual does not always meet these normal calculations. By using an ovulation calculator, you can enter your own personal details and find the exact days when you are ovulating so you can know when to get pregnant.

This Means You’re Ovulating

Yes, it helps to use an ovulation calculator so you can know exactly when you’re ovulating and plan accordingly, but just so you now, this is how secretions will most likely look.

You can expect a discharge that’s slippery and clear. This substance will most likely remind you of raw egg white. You can be fertile a little before and a little after you notice this discharge too, but this is guaranteed to be when you are most fertile. So once you have dotted all of the Is and crossed all of the Ts, have lots of unprotected but safe intercourse during this time with the father to be so you can get pregnant.

Calculating The Due Date

If you don’t do this already, when you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s even more important that you keep track of the first day of your last menstrual period. This way, when you do go out and buy a pregnancy test and the results are positive, you can quickly and accurately figure out your estimated due date. You can do this on your own with a due date calculator, or just keep track of the date, and your obstetrician can tell you when your due date is. It’s quite common for each calculator to give a date that differs by a couple days. Just know that no date is a guarantee, and when you deliver can fall a few days or a couple of weeks before or after the estimated due date.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant When You Want To

Unless you like all of the excitement that comes with planning two or more birthdays in the same month or within a few days of each other, then a reverse pregnancy calculator is your best friend. All you have to do is enter the date on which you would like to deliver, and it will tell you the best time to conceive. This could also help you to avoid being pregnant during the hottest time of the year or when there is a snow storm raging.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal teas

You can find special mixes of teas that will help you get pregnant, but the following herbs or herbal teas can also help with fertility issues.

Nettle leaf
Red raspberry leaf
Mint tea
Red clover Flowers

Essential oils

Essential oils are easy to use to help increase your chances of getting pregnant. You can simply inhale them. A few drops can also be added to your bath water, foot soak, moisturizer and massage oil. Do not apply essential oils directly to skin.

German chamomile
Clary sage
Sweet fennel

When Is It Safe To Get Pregnant?

After going off of birth control or the pill, it’s best to wait at least three months before trying to conceive. Therefore, putting all of the above advice into action two or three months before trying to conceive will give you the best outcome.

The advice here should not be used as a substitute for seeing your obstetrician. See your obstetrician before you plan to conceive, so you can avoid any major complications later on. Also, once pregnant, women should go in for regular visits to monitor their health as well as the health of the baby.


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Yelram Alhuhsom
5. April 2019
Yelram Alhuhsom
5. April 2019
Im trying to fall trying preg omega plus is it good?

Comfort ulu
30. January 2019
Comfort ulu
30. January 2019
Am trying to get pregnant but its not coming and my doctor said its caused by menstration flows just 1day.

Zodwa happiness
27. January 2019
Zodwa happiness
27. January 2019
My period is not right i need help im trying to get pregnancy

Danielle White
8. January 2019
Danielle White
8. January 2019
First off I would recommend seeing an OB/GYN for a complete check up. Here are two sources for natural supplement help that might help.

Mrs Afolabi Aminat
2. January 2019
Mrs Afolabi Aminat
2. January 2019
Where can I get the Herbal tea and essential oil. I need it. Am unable to get pregnant since 15 years ago

vivian sarpong
30. October 2018
vivian sarpong
30. October 2018
Comment I also had a miscarriage three months ago and I hv tried to become pregnant again but no avail, I'm confuse and worried

16. August 2018
16. August 2018
My wife once got miscarriage and now we struggling to get another baby alws have problems once we suspect she is pregnant and am scared to be like am pushing her or kind of blaming her for not concieving because she is the reason of that miscarriage


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