Some Women With Asthma May Struggle to Conceive

Some Women With Asthma May Struggle to Conceive

Women seeking to get pregnant while dealing with asthma may find their inhaler medication affects their chances of conception. New medical research out of the United Kingdom and several of its commonwealth member countries looked at more than five thousand women who were pregnant with their first child. Of that number, eleven hundred were also asthma patients.

When the data from all the study participants was evaluated, researchers found women who were using short-acting asthma medications such as albuterol had a fifteen percent lower chance of having successfully conceived in any given month when they were trying. Further, women with asthma who were also regularly using medication to treat their condition were nearly a third more likely to have taken more than a year to have successfully become pregnant.

Medical researchers don’t think asthma is the primary factor here; but the medication used to treat it. Specifically, asthma medications that are in the short acting category. They found no variance in conception rates for asthma patients were were using longer acting medications such as corticosteroids. While the study was not specifically looking at how asthma and asthma treatments might affect chance of conception, the data does raise interesting questions. The researchers want to pursue those questions in future investigations.

Key Points:

  • 1Albuterol was shown to decrease your chance to conceive by 15%.
  • 2That same study also found that asthmatic women were 30% more likely take more than a year to conceive.
  • 3Long lasting inhalers oddly showed no link between the drugs and fertility issues.

Women with asthma who use short-acting inhalers to control symptoms may take longer to conceive than women without asthma, a recent study suggests.

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