Postpartum depression is a known effect after pregnancy. A recent study indicates there are certain factors that may give rise to a higher risk. About ten percent of woman giving birth suffer from the effects of postpartum depression. Left untreated, postpartum depression had an impact on the mother bonding with the child.

This study shows that the season in which a woman gives birth could increase or decrease the risk of postpartum depression as much as whether the child is premature or not. Delivering a baby prematurely gives rise to stress factors not present in children reaching full maturity. Other factors include anxiety or depression in their mental health histories or that of their family. Woman that were overweight also had a higher incidence of postpartum depression. Woman that experience postpartum depression have higher incidents of child abuse or neglect. Minorities had a higher incidence than white woman attributable likely to economic levels. Antidepressant medicines can relieve some of the effect as well as psychological help. The season may have some impact since woman giving birth in the spring or winter can take advantage of more indoor activities for bonding purposes.

Key Points:

  • 1When a pregnancy is carried to delivery can affect the mother’s chances of developing postpartum depression.
  • 2About ten percent of woman deal with postpartum depression following birth of their children.
  • 3Apart from seasonal factors, anxiety and a prior history of depression can make it more likely for postpartum depression to occur.

The study showed that giving birth in the winter or the spring was linked to a lower risk of developing postpartum depression, as was having a baby at full-term.


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