Sprays – 4 pack (Control, Chill, Charge, Ease)

Purium has Discontinued the Spray Products


>>The current prices for all the Purium Products as of December 2nd, 2022 are Here<<


Live your best day, with a spray! Spray away your stress (CHILL), fatigue (CHARGE), achy joints (EASE) and snacking habits (CONTROL) with our entire collection of mouth sprays. Made with all-natural ingredients and without calories or sugar.

CHILL – Relaxation Mouth Spray
CHILL your nerves and calm your energy, with ingredients SunTheanine™ and GABA. Flavor: Watermelon


CHARGE – Energy Mouth Spray
CHARGE your vitality with Green Tea and Caffeine Coffee Bean formula that may enhance alertness and give a stable jolt of energy. Flavor: Watermelon


EASE – Relief Mouth Spray
Help EASE your body from daily wear and tear, with Turmacin that may support healthy muscles and joints. Flavor: Cinnamon


CONTROL – Appetite Suppression Mouth Spray
Get CONTROL of your appetite and help boost your metabolism and the garcinia cambogia may help block the enzyme that your body uses to make fat. Flavor: Apple









Live Your Best Day With A Spray


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