How Sound Can Hack Your Memory While You Sleep | Greg Gage

How Sound Can Hack Your Memory While You Sleep | Greg Gage

Sleeping provides some necessary functions for our brain. Specifically important is the transference of memories from short-term to long-term. This is done while we are in the deepest stages of sleep, specifically slow-wave sleeping.

Can you improve your memory to remember names, ace a test or memorize a speech while you sleep?  Is there a possible memory hack?  Memories are easily lost could it be possible to improve your memory while you slept?  These were the questions that needed answers.

In the experiment, participants were given a task where they had to remember specific pictures and their placement on a board. Also, each picture had a sound or song playing and that was associated with that specific picture. Then they took a nap while hooked up to brain wave equipment. Once the participant had reached slow wave sleep patterns, noises associated with half of the items in the task were played. The results of the experiment showed that the memories of those that had their song playing while the participant slept were much greater remembered.

It is a very interesting fact if this is true. I was pretty doubtful, but the fact that the author was also doubtful but had the same results has me thinking that maybe it is true.

Key Points:

  • 1Memory can be strengthened or enhanced, even as you sleep.
  • 2During slow wave sleep it is believed by scientist that memory consolidation takes place.
  • 3Memories we collect throughout the day have a better chance to be recalled if they are activated during sleep, because our brain remains active even if we are asleep.


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