Other Cannabinoids: There’s More Than Just CBD & THC In Hemp & Cannabis

Other Cannabinoids: There’s More Than Just CBD & THC In Hemp & Cannabis

Cannabis is not just THC. The plant can do far more than simply get stoners high. As cannabis legalizes across more and more areas around the world, the benefits of this formerly demonized plant are becoming increasingly well known. And surprising a lot of people who grew up thinking it was just about marijuana and kicking back getting an illicit buzz.

CBD is becoming very well known as a therapeutic element in cannabis, one that can offer help to patients dealing with pain or anxiety, among other medical concerns. But there are other compounds in cannabis that can be medically or therapeutically beneficial; such as CBG, CBN, or THCV.

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is similar to CBD in that it has no high effect. It can help boost the body’s natural anandamide levels, which will bolster a host of biological processes such as bone growth. THCV is a more convenient description of a very large mouthful of a name for a compound that is similar to THC. THCV does have a high effect, but it also can help damp down symptoms of epilepsy or other muscular control disorders. Cannabinol, or CBN, is similar to CBD in not producing a buzz in users. It can be a relaxant though, which can help users deal with stress and handle pain more effectively.

Now that research into cannabis is possible, the revelations just keep coming.

Key Points:

  • 1n fact, both THC and CBD start out as cannabigerol. It’s an interesting process, so, cannabis plants produce cannabigerol acid.
  • 2Cannabigerol stimulates bone formation and healing is characterized by reduced bone formation and accumulation of fat in the bone marrow compartment.
  • 3Studies show that CBN causes an indirect recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells that surround bone marrow.

The human body does not care where the molecule comes from

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