Teething – How to Get Back To Sleeping Through The Night

Teething – How to Get Back To Sleeping Through The Night

Every child goes through the process of growing in their teeth, commonly called teething. It is a little painful, and can make an infant irritable and cranky, to say the least. When a child begins teething, usually around twelve months, it can disrupt the schedule you’ve worked so hard to get them used to. If they’re up and down all night, it worsens their mood that much more the following day.

One technique is to increase the length of nap time so your child is getting enough sleep, and you can get a bit of a break. They’re going to need their rest to make it through this period, and if they need to get a little more of it during the daytime nap, then take advantage of anytime they might be able to stay asleep.

For any period when it’s time for them to rest, either at night or when at their nap, try some sleep coaching to help them in getting to sleep without your needing to constantly be there when they lay down. It can help break habits that may have formed where they only sleep when you rock or hold them, or offer some other activity that lulls them into dropping off. And if they’re restless, just do a brief check so they know you’re there.

Key Points:

  • 1When teething starts, ensuring your child gets enough rest will help you both in making it through the process.
  • 2Increasing the length of the daytime nap can help make up for restless nights as the teething discomfort interrupts the child’s sleep.
  • 3Establishing a gentle sleep coaching routine can help ween your child away from reliance on you to fall asleep.


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