5 Health Tips To Sleep Soundly At Night

If you want to stay healthy, then start sleeping at night. Yep, apart from your dietary and working out habits, your quality of night sleep plays an important role in keeping you healthy. It is scientifically proven that poor quality of sleep has immediate negative impacts on your hormones, productivity, body weight, and brain activities.

On the other side, by having a sound night sleep, you can improve your health by controlling your eating habits, exercising more and by overall maintaining your bodily functions. However, in the past few years, the quality of sleep has been declining as the life of people became very hectic. So, if you are struggling to get good quality night sleep, then you can easily get by following health tips instantly.


  1. Use Sleep Calculator

If you create a perfect bedtime for yourself, then it will increase your quality of sleep. To calculate your ideal bedtime, you can use a sleep calculator method so that you know what time is suitable for you to snooze off. To calculate your sleep schedule, you can use this sleep calculator formula —

  • The average cycle of sleep is around 90 minutes long
  • In one night, almost 5 cycles of sleep are included
  • By multiplying 90 minutes into 5 cycles of sleep is equal to 7.5 hours
  • So, your ideal bedtime has to be 7.5 hours before your wake up time

For instance, if you have to wake up at 6 a.m. to get ready for your work, then your sleep calculator indicates that your ideal bedtime is 10.30 p.m. That means to enjoy uninterrupted and sound sleep, you have to sleep at that time every night.


  1. Size of the Mattress

This is a very common factor to enjoy a quality sleep which most of the people ignore. You have to pay some attention to the size of your mattress as well before finding a comfortable spot to fall asleep. There are mainly two sizes of mattresses available — king size and queen size. Now, the question is between king vs queen mattress size which one is ideal for you. To pick the perfect mattress for your bed, you have to first distinguish between king vs queen mattress size.

  • The basic size of king size mattress is 76 inches and 60 inches for the queen.
  • Out of both, king size mattress is more expensive.
  • King size mattress is the ideal pick for the master bedrooms whereas queen beds are good for smaller bedrooms.
  • If you have a bigger body frame or require extra space on your bed, then you should go for king size mattress. However, if you sleep alone, then the queen mattress is sufficient for you.


  1. Reduce Blue Light Exposure

The exposure to light during daytime is good, but during nighttime avoid exposure to light, especially blue light coming from your laptops, smartphones, etc., That’s because blue light affects your circadian rhythms and tricks your brain to think that its daytime. This light will also reduce the level of hormones like melatonin which helps you to relax and fall asleep. So, the best solution here is to avoid watching any kind of electronic gadgets in the night, especially two hours before your bedtime.


  1. Don’t Consume Coffee Late

Coffee is the most popular beverage of western people, but if you want to fall asleep quickly, then reduce your caffeine intake in the night. That’s because when caffeine is consumed late in the night, it will stimulate your nervous system and stops your body from relaxing. It is proven that consumption of caffeine six hours before sleep can reduce sleep quality drastically.


  1. Take Supplements

If you are not able to fall sleep after performing all the natural methods, then you should consider taking extra supplements. The best supplements for sleeping would be those which contains melatonin. This hormone will tell your brain that it’s time to relax your body and sleep. To improve your sleep quality, you can take 2-5 mg of melatonin supplements 30-60 minutes before heading to bed. Apart from melatonin supplements, you can consume — magnesium, glycine, lavender and l-theanine.


To stay healthy and happy, start following these sleep tips today. These tips are highly simply just use sleep calculator to find your ideal bedtime, select the perfect mattress, avoid distractions before going to bed and use supplements if you are not able to enough sleep on your own.


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