Are You Just Tired Or Really Exhausted? Check Out These Symptoms

Exhaustion is something that many people neglect to see because it doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. How many times have you thought along the lines of ‘it’s nothing, I’m just tired’ instead of addressing the real reasons why you feel like you don’t want to get out of the bed in the morning? Exhaustion is nothing to take lightly, as it can decrease your resistance to illness and infection and can be a gateway for severe health problems.

But how can you tell whether you are just tired or you are genuinely exhausted? The signs explained in this article will help you understand the difference so that you can take the necessary steps to remediate the situation and get some real rest.

1.  You postpone doing even the smallest chores.

There is only one plate in the kitchen sink, but you just don’t feel like you are capable of washing it. The trash can might hold for another day, you also think. Or you might not feel like brushing your hair is an unpleasant task that you do reluctantly. If you procrastinate and postpone the smallest chores, that could be a sign that you’re not just tired; you’re exhausted.


 2. The only things on the menu are prepackaged meals or takeout.

Another sign that you might feel completely depleted of energy is that you are no longer in the mood to cook, even the simplest meals. If you find yourself in the front of your microwave with a prepackaged meal, on the one hand, that’s a sign that your tiredness might have just reached a tipping point. The even worse downside to that is that those meals won’t be able to supply you with the energy you lack so much and need.


 3. Your primary source of entertainment is watching cat videos on YouTube.

When you’re exhausted, not only your body is at its wit’s end; your mind suffers just the same. That means that you feel you cannot be bothered with anything more challenging — from an intellectual point of view — than watching cat videos mindlessly on YouTube. The mere idea of opening a book and making a mindful effort to understand complex topics is enough to scare you.


 4. Efficient organization is beyond you at this point.

Not only that, you feel too tired to perform the most mundane tasks, but you also lack organizing skills, all of a sudden. This is not the usual you, but you just appear to be incapable of scheduling your chores so that they don’t take most of your day.

You leave things unfinished because they seem to be too much, and when you buy groceries, you find yourself purchasing a bit of everything, without planning in advance what you want to eat for the entire week.


 5. Ignoring overdue bills.

Some things you neglect when you feel exhausted can have a severe effect on the long run. For instance, even if it requires only a little of your time, paying your bills is postponed for no reason. When they become overdue, they also trigger extra costs that will only make you feel even more overwhelmed and out of the loop.


 6. No amount of sleep seems to help, and you sleep badly.

Although sleeping through the night should be on top of your list when you’re exhausted, it appears to elude you, and you end up pulling all-nighters for no reason. You just find yourself staring at the screen of your phone, browsing through the feed on social media, taking bits of mindless entertainment, and jumping from one to another.

When you eventually sleep, you sleep little and badly, and you wake up feeling just as tired, if not more than you were when you went to bed at night.


 7. You remain engaged in time-wasting activities that get you nowhere.

You know that there are a lot of things that require doing, yet you still find yourself engaged in time-wasting activities such as checking the notifications on your phone or checking your e-mails. All these activities make you tired and that without having you accomplish anything at all.

People who are exhausted also complain about the fact that they don’t seem capable of breaking bad habits such as spending too much time on social media day after day.


 8. You seem to have no time for your partner.

When you are exhausted, there is no room in your head, your heart, and your life for another person. That means that another sign of exhaustion is that you start neglecting your partner, his or her emotional needs. Also, you’re not aware of this aspect, and you might be shocked when you hear him or her reproaching this to you.


 9. Your children remain glued to their phones or the TV.

If you have kids, the neglect you manifest toward your partner extends to them, too. You allow them to spend too much time in front of the television, at the computer or playing silly games on their phones. As a parent, you neglect your kids’ real needs, and, just as with your partner, you are not aware that you are doing it.


 10. You also neglect your health.

Although you can tell that there’s something wrong with you, you lack the energy to address it. Also, any preexisting conditions that need treatment or medication are equally neglected. That could lead to severe health problems in the long run.



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