How Data Analytics Are Uncovering Hidden Trends in Medical Records

Is Electronic Health Records the best way to go for the medical field today?
Compiling all that medical information about a person into an easy for hackers to access location seems like a bad idea but wait the change in the medical worlds abilities to help the patient out ways that fear. With each hack security gets tighter and tighter. So piling your information into a file that not only organizes it analyzes information about the patient so if the doctor were to miss something they get a little bit of help from a computer in a shorter amount of time. If the analyzing soft ware is doing all the work then is this going to make doctors obsolete? Will they slack on their education with a computer watching there backs and helping them diagnose a patient? One would hope not, the (EHR’s) will revolutionize patient care. It will speed up research and diagnosis time and with any luck putting such information into a data base will help patients get efficient care when they see multiple practitioners for a wide variety of ailments. It will also speed up time in which infectious diseases are getting caught. This could aid in stopping epidemics on a wide scale, perhaps even if we were to have a Zombie apocalypse then jut maybe it can be cut at the source before we end up living in fear with no technology left. (EHR) are the way of the future I just hope that doctors do not forget there place and allow the computers to take over.

Key Points:

  • 1EHRs are faster and more reliable than the more traditional individual health care records.
  • 2EHR data can be analyzed to find certain health risk factors among groups.
  • 3Using data from EHRs health care professionals can customize health care for individual patients.

Providers who have EHRs can now more easily and quickly obtain and analyze the data for the entire group of patients that they serve, and can then look more closely at the records of individuals who meet a set of criteria.

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