depression test

Depression affects 14 million adults per year in the United States. Depression results in absenteeism costing U.S. employers billion per year. Take this quick test and see if you have the symptoms of depression.

Select the appropriate choice for each statement.

Feeling low in spirits or sad:
Loss of interest in daily activities:
Feeling lack of energy and strength:
Feeling less self-confident:
Feelings of guilt or a bad conscience:
Feeling that life is not worth living:
Difficulty concentrating:
Feeling very restless:
Feeling subdued:
Had trouble sleeping at night:
Had a reduced appetite:
Had an increased appetite: health quizzes and calculators and tools do not provide medical advice and do not replace the advice of a medical professional. Care has been taken to make sure the calculators and tools are generating correct results, but no guarantee is made that the results are accurate. The health tools use professionally accepted and peer reviewed algorithms to calculate their results or simple mathematical equations.