Homemade Skin Care Alternatives

Homemade Skin Care Alternatives

Skin care is a daily routine for most women and men. Options for skin care products include over the counter, specialty shops and homemade remedies. Over the counter products can contain chemicals that have a negative effect on our health, especially when we can only afford products from the drug store.

While research shows that these chemicals are only hazardous when used on laboratory animals at amounts much higher than would be used in skin care products, what they don’t account for is that these same or similar chemicals are used in many products that people come into contact with each and every day.

Your second option are natural and specialty products that whose unique selling point is that they are all natural and don’t contain chemicals or products that will endanger your health. Although these products often work well and have great results they are often more costly and expensive than the other over the counter products. They are also often made from natural additives that you can get from common household items or from the health food store in their most natural state.

One of the most common skin care problems for men and women are age spots and liver spots. To get rid of age spots there are no shortage of creams sold over the counter many of which are unsafe and sometimes just plain ineffective.

Even people in their twenties can suffer from hyper pigmentation called melesma. One home remedy for natural skin care is the use of vinegar. You can dilute the vinegar equally with water and use it as an astringent or toner after you’ve washed. Vinegar is chemically acetic and will also whiten and brighten making your skin smoother and more radiant. Apple cider vinegar or other natural vinegars are recommended, although some people use distilled white vinegar.

Another home remedies for natural skin care to remove pigmentation is to blend onions to get the juice and mix with equal parts of apple cider vinegar. Apply this twice a day with cotton. It will take several weeks to see results. Lemon juice from a fresh lemon over the pigmentation may have a similar effect, and it smells better!

Another problem common to men and women are skin softening issues. You will find that aloe oil, olive oil and coconut oil are natural moisturizers. Find that you skin is dull and dark? Chamomile and lavender are a natural, sweet scented way to rejuvenate your skin.

After you wash your skin many people look for an exfoliating scrub and astringent. Try combining ground cornmeal, oatmeal, apricot seeds and almonds with water to make an exfoliating scrub. Avoid using this scrub if your skin is sensitive. Using an astringent after washing your face is a good way to complete the cleaning process before moisturizing. Try hazel as a natural astringent that will tone as well.

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Looking for a natural all over body scrub (not to be used on the face)? Mix sea salt with a bit of olive oil. Enter a steaming shower and allow your pores to steam open for a minute or two. Then, using your fingertips, massage the sea salt around your skin, avoiding your face. Allow this mixture to sit on your skin in the steaming shower for a minute or two to allow penetration of the minerals.

Now rinse and enjoy the incredible smooth satin skin over your arms and legs!

One of the products you should avoid on your face, at all costs, is bar soap. The chemicals that go into bar soap are harsh and drying. Bar soaps are pH basic. Our skin is slightly acidic so the combination of bar soap and our skin is damaging.

Instead you can make your own facial wash that is natural, moisturizing and acidic to match the pH of your skin. Mix some plain yogurt with milled flax seed – both found in the grocery store. Wash, rinse and pat dry. A quick mask of avocado afterward will add more moisture and vitamins.

Skin care is best done with natures own remedies but this option isn’t always practical due to the need for fresh ingredients, time and a bit of extra energy. However, if you have this time to pamper your skin you’ll be well rewarded in the end.


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