How to Prevent Breakouts as Weather Transitions into Fall

With fall coming up, now is the time to review your skin care in order to avoid break outs of pimples and zits. Follow these six simple tips to keep your skin clean and break out-free. First, keep your skin clean. Most breakouts happen thanks to your skin being blocked and unable to breathe. To clean your skin, find a soft cleanser. Avoid a strong oil based cleaner, however, as this will lead to more breakouts. Second, make sure your pores stay clear. Part of why skin clogs in the fall and winter is the changing temperatures and the shock it does to your skin. Next, get rid of the excess oil on your skin and face. Keep a pad coated with sacylic acid to help with the process. Fourth, change to a heavier moisturizer. Winter and fall are drier seasons, with less moisture in the air, and using a heavier moisturizer will help protect your skin from the temperature changes. Fifth, treat new breakouts as they happen and conceal them as well. Use a spot treatment that allows you to do both types of treatments. Sixth, stay hydrated, especially during the winter and fall. Staying hydrated helps to keep your skin remain clear and not as dry in winter temperatures. Finally, limit the amount of time you touch your face. Touching your face adds oil to your skin, defeating the purpose of keeping your skin clear.

Key Points:

  • 1Since your skin produces more oil in warm weather, you need a gentle cleanser that penetrates deep into your pores,
  • 2Choose a cleanser that includes salicylic acid, either alone or in combination with more gentle skin brightening ingredients such as licorice root, kojic acid, and Vitamin C to get yet more targeted results.
  • 3Using a gentle exfoliating product can help keep your pores clean and prevent breakouts during seasonal shifts.

Focus on keeping your skin as clean as possible, use medicated products to both treat and conceal breakouts, and always handle your skin with gentle care.

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