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Short-burst training (SBT) is a variation of circuit training.

SBT uses a series of high-intensity, short-duration exercises interspersed with brief periods of lower-intensity movement.

A person goes all-out for intervals of 30—60 seconds before entering the recovery phase.

This pattern repeats throughout the workout. During short-burst exercise, the body produces metabolic hydrogen ions that have been identified as the cause of acidosis or “the burn.”

The cardiovascular exercise following the short burst of anaerobic exercise helps to neutralize or buffer this acidosis.


So everyday with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and SIMPLICITY OF HEART. Acts 2:46

Simplicity is an inward reality that can be seen in an outward lifestyle.

Following Jesus doesn’t eliminate the complex issues that arise from living in a 21st century culture.

Jesus demonstrated a healthy lifestyle while He was here on earth, by practicing ‘simplicity of heart’ but not getting overly caught up with the things of the world, and maintaining a heavenly mindset in the midst of living on earth.

Exercise of the Week: Practice simplicity of heart by following Jesus’ earthly lifestyle.


Don Nava is a Kingdom Life Coach. A Kingdom Coach helps individuals integrate the principles of the Kingdom of God into their personal, private and public life. Kingdom Coaching is teaching, mentoring and discipling a person to have a kingdom mindset so that they can live the More Abundant Life that Jesus promised in John 10:10. Don Nava has served as a coach for the past 35 years. He started his coaching career in Silicon Valley, coaching executives at Cisco Systems, Silicon Graphics, ATT, NIKE and many venture capitalists. After years of research, study and observation, Coach Nava determined that there are several underlying mental, emotional, directional and spiritual issues that are keeping people from being physically fit. As a result, he designed and developed the Totally Fit Life System which has been a catalyst of transformation for thousands of men, women and children. You can follow me on Twitter: @CoachNava

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