Homeowner John Scott describes dealing with a mold problem in his house and his experience working with American Mold. He goes into detail describing the mold problem (which he did not notice at first) and the extensive abatement work that needed to be completed. During the abatement workers were finding various types of mold and mold that came from the inside of the ceiling joists. John’s mold issues was a private matter that he didn’t want his neighbors to know about. He was happy that American Mold understood his concerns and didn’t have any information related to mold on the outside of their trucks. After John Scott’s experience with dealing with a mold problem and working with American Mold, he would definitely recommend them to anyone else with a mold problem.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Mold was all over John’s house. He had to do something about it.
  • 2John did not smell the mold until his friend told him – you can get used to the mold by living in the house.
  • 3American Mold did a great job by clean and identify the mold in John’s house.


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