When Should You Take An NMN Supplement And What’s The Right Dosage?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN is a supplement known for its anti-aging benefits.NMN can boost the NAD+ production in the body, which is responsible for efficient cell functioning and DNA repair activities. Before you  buy NMN supplement, understand what it is, the various benefits it offers and when you should include it in your diet.  


What is NMN?

NMN is a precursor to the molecule NAD+, which is naturally present in every cell of the human body. When you consume NMN, it is eventually converted into NAD+. NR is another popular anti-ageing supplement used. But in comparison, NMN supplements are one step closer to the molecular structure of NAD+, thus more effective.

NAD+ levels will start declining in your body with age. Such reduced levels will give rise to age-related issues such as fatigue, reduced performance levels, tissue damage, weakened blood vessels, and cognitive decline.


How Does NMN Help the Human Body?

Taking NMN supplements increases the levels of NAD+ in the body. Increased NAD+ levels facilitate cell functioning and improve the overall health of the brain, heart and other organs. Several  studies  have been undertaken to know how NMN helps the human body. Some of the findings in these studies were:

  • Increased sensitivity to insulin
  • It helps reverse mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Improved neural function in the brain
  • Suppresses adipose tissue inflammation, which is caused due to age
  • It could help aid weight loss as metabolism improves


When Should You Take an NMN Supplement?

Every cell in the body is powered by the mitochondria; it helps facilitate energy production. NAD+ is an essential molecule that assists the mitochondria in performing their function. The body naturally generates NAD+. However, over age, the production of this molecule decreases.

According to  studies, by middle age, the NAD+ production level in the human body reduces by over half of what it was in the youth. Thus, you start noticing signs of ageing like fatigue, low energy, dull skin or other physical ailments.

There is no specific age limit that you need to adhere to when taking NMN supplements. NMN works best to reverse the signs of ageing. If you feel your body has started showing signs of wear and tear, or if you want to mitigate the effects of ageing beforehand, the choice is yours.

Remember, NMN is a supplement at the end of the day and not a miracle pill. To make the most of this supplement, ensure you maintain a proper diet and make exercise a part of your routine.


What is the Right Dosage of an NMN Supplement?

You could  buy NMN supplements  in the form of pills or powder. There is no particular answer to the question of what is the correct dosage. The answer will vary depending on a person’s weight, metabolism, and lifestyle.

Several studies have been performed to understand the appropriate dosage of NMN to be registered for optimal benefits. The answer lies somewhere between 250mg to 500mg with no significant side effects. Another study found you could take 8mg of NMN per kg of your body weight.

David Sinclair is a Department of Genetics professor at the Harvard Medical School. The  Sinclair research group  works towards understanding why the human body ages and how we can reverse the effects of ageing. David Sinclair himself is known to take 1g of NMN daily and other supplements like resveratrol with his morning yoghurt.

Though, Dr. Sinclair’s advice cannot be treated as medical advice. Clinical trials are still underway on NMN dosages for humans. However, considering recent studies, the limit of 250mg to 500mg would be a reasonable dosage requirement to stick by.


Is NMN Safe to Consume?

NMN is a much more stable supplement compared to NR. Contrary to the myth, NMN taken orally is easily absorbed and converted into NAD+. Therefore, it is considered by most of the experts that NMN in its pill form can be safe to consume.

NMN is naturally occurring in various foods like broccoli, avocados, edamame, cucumbers, and tomatoes. But they are available in trace quantities, and thus supplements are a readily available alternative.


Healthy Aging with NMN Supplements

NMN supplements provide a much-needed boost to the NAD+ production in your body. They aid in the optimal functioning of your body, brain, provide you with a youthful appearance and could also extend your lifespan. NMN could help reverse the signs of aging, and deciding when you start taking them lies with you. Remember good diet and exercise is vital along with supplements.  



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