A New Form Of Teeth Whitening

One of the most desirable features that people strive to achieve is white teeth. With the teeth whitening industry exceeding $11 billion in sales in 2015 according to BankRate, the teeth whitening industry has boomed in popularity in recent years with many different options. Some choose to go to the dentist where a single treatment […]

How To Spruce Up Your Retirement Suite With Natural Life

Many seniors living in age-in-place communities can find themselves with plenty of time on their hands, but not many ways to fill up that time.

3 Main Pitfalls Of The Menopause And How To Deal With Them

Menopause is a natural period of life, but it can be pretty challenging. Not only can you experience weight gain, mood swings, and hot flashes, but you also can feel down because of all the changes. Moreover, even the thought that you’re not as young as before can be frustrating – but it shouldn’t take […]

6 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Smile

Your smile is important to you, and something that no one should be ashamed of. Unfortunately, there are many people who struggle with the appearance and health of their teeth, resulting in low self confidence and insecurity surrounding one’s smile. However, there are steps you can take to improve the health of your smile. Read […]

How To Improve Your Health Over 50

As you age, chances are that your health has started to decline. Even if it is something as simple as slight loss of vision or a small fall, this can impair your feelings about your dependency and cause you to start to doubt yourself. Taking care of your health  is the best way to give […]

4 Ways To Stay Healthy & Youthful As You Age

You might not want to admit it, but if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re starting to get a bit, ahem, old. From needing glasses and noticing new gray hairs to having “senior moments” and realizing that those fine line and wrinkles are here to stay on your face, you are showing some of the […]

5 Technologies Helping Seniors Age In Place

New caregiving, healthcare and safety technologies are revolutionizing opportunities for seniors to age in place. While senior isolation and safety remain significant concerns for older adults living on their own, technologies are offering new, efficient and cost-effective ways for seniors to continue living independently while remaining connected to their support network.  

How Social Communities Can Boost The Health Of Seniors

As we grow older, we will lose family and friends. This can harm the physical and mental health of seniors and it can lead to many older people feeling isolated and alone. Once people retire, they won’t interact with others as often, which further contributes to feelings of loneliness. Fortunately, the world is becoming more […]

Botox: More Than Just Skin Deep

When the word ‘botox’ comes to mind, the first thing that often comes to mind are skin treatments. While botox is most famous for use on the skin, it does have a huge range of uses, with Time highlighting 11 of these lesser-known benefits. In a bid to move away from the stereotype of botox being useful […]

Plastic Surgery Options To Consider

Plastic surgery demand has been significantly increasing year on year as more people “go under the knife”.  This is generally down to the prices decreasing for this but also the safety improvements and technological improvements that have seen a massive step change in terms of quality of output.  You will find that people generally consider […]