A New Form Of Teeth Whitening

One of the most desirable features that people strive to achieve is white teeth. With the teeth whitening industry exceeding $11 billion in sales in 2015 according to BankRate, the teeth whitening industry has boomed in popularity in recent years with many different options. Some choose to go to the dentist where a single treatment can range from $650 to $1000. It’s an expensive treatment but there are at-home treatments that are just as effective and far more affordable.

You may have heard of the blue-light teeth whitening kits that were popular a few years ago but some found those to be ineffective when whitening the back of the teeth and in the crevices. With the blue-light treatments, users had to wear a bulky mouthpiece that prevented them from talking and had to schedule time each day to complete the treatment as it lacked convenience. With this form of teeth whitening becoming popular it also led to the rise of counterfeit and dangerous knockoffs or imports. As the market for teeth whitening lights saturated another form of teeth whitening broke through.

Whitening Trays are custom and have shown effective results in whitening the backs of teeth along with the front. These sleek treatments are made from personal impressions taken by impression kits. Sporting Smiles has become the leader in the teeth whitening industry for custom whitening trays. Using their patented impression kit, customers take impressions and send them back to the Sporting Smiles dental lab where dental techs will form their custom whitening trays with thermoforming machines and advanced 3D printed software.

These flexible trays encase both rows of teeth in a tight fit specific to the user. Paired with an advanced foaming gel that activates when comes into contact with salvia, the whitening treatment expanded into the cracks and crevices of teeth. With the whitening trays enclosed around the teeth, the backs of the teeth also receive a whitening treatment not often experienced through other teeth whitening treatments. Less is more with the foaming gel because it expands, your treatment supply lasts longer and when you do need refills, they are very affordable and just a few clicks away.

Users who want bright white teeth but have sensitive teeth are in luck. Sporting Smiles offers two separate whitening gels. The first is a 35 percent strength which is the premium strength gel used to whiten teeth. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, a 22 percent whitening gel is offered for those who still want to experience the perks of white teeth, and for those worried about the enamel of their teeth, Sporting Smiles offers a remineralization gel to help keep teeth strong and healthy through treatments. The supply of gel syringes is meant to last up to 3 months for teeth whitening treatments. Gum irritation and teeth sensitivity have been known side effects for other whitening treatments, especially the teeth whitening strips that peel off the teeth with a sloppy feeling of gel. The whitening trays will minimize contact of gels onto the gums as they cover your teeth from top to bottom.

While the custom teeth whitening trays have been a big hit for their results, they are also popular with the convenience. Instead of a bulky blue light mouthpiece, the whitening trays snap onto the teeth keeping the ability to communicate and speak. It’s also easy to get into a morning routine with the whitening trays. They are waterproof and safe for shower use. Users may add the teeth whitening trays to their shower routine for easy and quick use.

Teeth whitening treatments have risen to popularity to rid coffee, wine, smoking, and years of natural teeth stains. People with teeth stains have been found to be less confident in their relationships and careers according to Dr. Tom McCarthy, a 30 plus year dentist who has seen many patients come through his practice looking to whiten their teeth.

“Teeth Whitening has really taken off in the last 20 years,” McCarthy said. “At first it was exclusively through dental offices which weren’t affordable to many people. Then came all the teeth whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening strips. Eventually, other companies tried to mimic the whitening craze with their own products like blue lights but those can be dangerous. When patients opt to have in-home treatments, I recommend the whitening trays as they are safe and effective.”

Timing is also an important factor in teeth whitening treatments. Users want to experience the benefits of white teeth right away. Custom teeth whitening trays paired with the advanced gel formula can show results in as little as three or four 10 minute treatments and full results in as little as two weeks. For more info on teeth whitening trays and where to buy them, you can visit the official Sporting Smiles website.




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