Does Burning Calories Mean Burning Fat?

Does Burning Calories Mean Burning Fat?

So you want to lose some weight to get back into that dress for the big date, or the wedding, or high school reunion, or for whatever reason,(maybe it’s just to try to be healthier), and you are hoping to drop ten unsightly pounds of fat before then?

You are hoping that riding that exercise bike or running around the block a few hundred times will get the sweat pouring and the metabolism going, burn those calories and burn that fat off, right?

Measuring weightWrong. The truth is that just because you are burning calories that doesn’t mean you are burning fat as well. When you are exercising, the first calories that your body uses are from the carbohydrates in your system rather than the calories in your stored fat.

In order for your body to burn stored fat there are a few factors involved. The first thing you must keep in mind is that in order to get at those fat reserves you need O2 (oxygen), and in order to get that O2 you will need to keep your heart rate in your target zone. The target heart rate is different for everyone but is achieved the same way, through aerobic exercise (aka cardio). The very word aerobic means “with air” air being oxygen of course.

Keep in mind that if your body does not get the oxygen it req