Not In A Mood For Romance? Check Your Diet

If you find yourself frequently not in a mood for romance and you are basically healthy, your diet might be at fault. Just like there are foods that boost our desire and improve performance, some foods have the opposite effect.

Stay away from comfort food

When we have problems with the opposite sex, we tend to turn to the classical comfort food ” “ carbs and fats. A large bowl of chips and a giant soy latte will temporarily make you feel better, but will do nothing for your sexual drive. Soy beans contain plant-based estrogen, which lowers women’s sexual appetite. French fries and other fried food are delicious, but will raise your blood sugar, making you sleepy, not randy.

A few glasses of wine are very likely to put you in a mood for sex, or at least for some flirting. But, alcohol is essentially a depressant and its libido-boosting effect does not last but ends in a flop.

Sweets are great comfort food, but are very likely to lower your desire due to the increase in glucose level in your blood. Moderation is the operative word. Think: chocolate truffle, not ice cream sundae.

The food for fun

If you are planning a romantic dinner and would like to add a few dishes which will make both you and your partner in just the right mood, do not think about rhinoceros horn or bear gallbladder. The right food is much closer to home.

Start with oysters. A bit too obvious, but really effective. Oysters contain zinc, which boosts testosterone production. They are also rich in dopamine, a libido-boosting hormone.

Avocado soup should be next. Avocados are known to increase libido in both sexes because of high content of folic acid and vitamin B6, a powerful hormone regulator.

Whatever meat you choose for the main course, it should be accompanied with celery, the potent libido stimulator rich in androsterone, chillies, rich in endorphins-producing capsaicin, and, of course, a lot of garlic. Garlic contains allicin, which boosts the blood flow where it counts.

For desert, think of bananas flamb ©, soaked in honey and bee pollen. Bananas contain an enzyme Bromelain and a lot of vitamin B, which boosts your energy level and the production of sex hormones. Pollen boosts sperm count, so watch it if you are not planning a baby.

Of course, none of these foods will work unless you add candles, soft music and strict instructions to your in-laws not to phone you about any kids” â„¢ fights unless there is blood.


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