Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Tennis elbow is a condition of the elbow that is characterized by pain in the outer part of the elbow. This condition got its name from the famous move of tennis play called the back hand. This happens because the point of insertion of the tendon on the outer elbow gets very inflamed. While the […]

Lower Death Rate When Senior Hip Fractures are Repaired Quickly

Hip fractures in seniors are a very traumatic and life altering injury. What happens is that the hip fracture can send patients with an already existing case of dementia and heart failure on an expedited trip to hospice and eventually death. This happens due to the patient becoming very bedridden as a result of the […]

Is That iPad a Pain in the Neck?

Digital devices have become an integral part of nearly everyone’s life, and they’re definitely a significant benefit. But the way most of use them could be at odds with their ability to keep us connected and informed at the push of a button or tap of a screen. Most people who use these devices, such […]

Indirect Decompression to Treat Spinal Stenosis

Your spine is literally the backbone of your entire body. Everything in your body connects back to the spine, or is linked to it by joints and nerves. When you suffer from a problem with your spine, it will affect everything you experience. One problem that can develop with the spine is called spinal stenosis. […]

Can a Common Cancer Screening Be Used to Detect Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Positron Emission Tomographic Imaging, commonly referred to as a PET scan, might not just be only for situations when a doctor is checking for or monitoring cancer. New research out of South Korea has come up with a new methodology for using PET scans to check for rheumatoid arthritis. The new technique utilizes an imaging […]

Chiropractic Has Role to Play in Easing Lower Back Pain: Study

Millions and millions of people suffer from lower back pain on a daily basis. And more every day find that bending and stretching isn’t as simple as it once was. Chiropractic care can help not just ease that pain, but even help you to heal and get past the source of the damage that is […]

5 Surprising Facts About the Spine You Never Knew

Your spine is an essential part of your body. Structurally and physiologically, you could not function without your spine. It supports your entire skeleton, allowing humans to stand and move about. It also provides critical protection for the nerves that stretch down from the brain and throughout your entire body. All your major nerves run […]

Treatment for Lower Back Pain: Conservative Options

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If so, you’re not alone – millions of people around the world suffer from the condition at any one time, and almost everyone will at some point or another during their lifetimes. But, the key to eliminating the pain is to determine the root cause and apply the […]

Are Pricey Orthotic Insoles Worth It for Heel Pain?

Products that claim health benefits with thin or absent data to support such claims are nothing new. In the case of customized inserts for those suffering from orthopedic pain, new research is peeling back these claims to find they’re nothing more than marketing copy. Researchers compared the customized inserts, which carry hefty price tags, to […]

Herniated Disc

The spine of a human is a marvel of biological engineering. The stiff structures of the spine are provided by vertebrae, which are blocks of bone that protect and support the entire body via the spine. Resting between each vertebrae are the spinal discs. These are connected by ligaments that hold them in place. Where […]