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Cause And Treatment Of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD)

The temporomandibular joint is a swing that links your jawbones to the temporal bones of your skull. The joint helps you to shift your jaw up and down and sideways. Through these movements, people converse, bite, and yawn, meaning that just how efficiently the jaw joint functions is very important. TMDs affect close to 15% […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Dealing With Neck Pain

Neck pains can hurt. If you have been facing it off late, you’re at the right article.   While cervical and neck pain are not as common as lower back pain, the latter has increased recently. Many people experience stiffness in their necks or injury to their neck muscles at one point in their lives. […]

Abdominal Stretches To Improve Your Posture

People mainly focus on the plank, dead bug, or Russian twist when working for the abdomen. These exercises are known to build core body strength quickly. Yet, they alone are not enough to achieve the perfect posture of your Pilates teacher.  

Magic For Your Back: Orthopedic Pillows

A good pillow enables you to sleep by holding your head and neck in the correct position where your muscles rest, relax. What does a bad pillow do? A bad pillow hurts, and then you wake up tired and can’t rest.

The Hidden Dangers Of Hunching: 5 Ways Poor Posture Can Negatively Affect Your Health

If your shoulders and back are hunched over while you’re reading this, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a serial sloucher when standing or struggle to remember to relax your neck and shoulders while seated, it’s no secret that maintaining proper posture isn’t an easy habit to form. Most older adults have suffered the consequences of […]

Visiting A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

Chiropractic care is designed to provide many benefits, so it may be worthwhile to consider after a car accident. Even if the accident was relatively minor, injuries can occur, and they may not be apparent until a few days after the accident occurs. Getting prompt medical attention can reduce the severity of these injuries and […]

Tips to Avoid Injuring Yourself While Stretching

A lot of people tend to skip stretching exercises before their regular workouts. Stretching is often perceived as unimportant because it doesn’t involve a lot of speed or strength. However, it is imperative to stretch before workouts because it prepares the body for intense physical activities.   Stretching offers the following benefits: Loosens the muscle […]

7 Trends That Will Define Physical Therapy In The Future

Physical Therapy is undergoing rapid change due to increases in medical technology information and increased experimentation.   Physical therapy is in great demand and there does not seem to be enough qualified physical therapists to meet the current demand.   Luckily, arising medical technologies are helping to pick up the slack.   And in the […]

Before You Get Dry Needling, Know The Risks

Dry needling is a moderately invasive procedure supported by dozens of peer-reviewed studies. Trained therapists use dry needling to eliminate musculoskeletal pain stemming from myofascial trigger points. While generally regarded as a safe treatment for healthy people, there are some inherent trigger point dry needling risks that you should be aware of, prior to scheduling […]

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Avoiding Most Common Spine Surgery Complications

Almost all surgical procedures, even the simplest ones, have a bit of risk of complications. If you are considering spine or neck surgery, you should be conscious of that risk. The level of the risk depends on many factors, including your medical condition and lifestyle. For most patients, the risk can be managed, and their […]