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High Fat Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Death than Diet High in Carbs

A ten-year study of 135,000 people spanning the globe has found evidence that diets high in carbohydrates are more dangerous to your health than diets high in fats. The study, known as the Prospective Rural Epidemiology (or PURE) study looked at the risk of death in subjects between the ages of 36 and 70 and […]

Heartburn Drugs Tied to Greater Mortality

Heartburn drugs may increase risk of death, according to new research.  Commonly used drugs such as Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid, are known as proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs. PPIs are believed to be overused in the U.S., according to the senior author of the study, Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly of Washington University School of Medicine in […]

An Intergalactic Guide to Using a Defibrillator | Todd Scott

Todd Scott demonstrates an interesting and entertaining way to learn how to use an AED, or Automated External Defibrillator by showing how you would use it on different characters in the Star Wars universe. With Storm Troopers, you run into trying to get their chest plate off in time as the window for the AED […]

10 Bizarre Health Hacks That Actually Work

Most tried and true methods of being healthy include losing weight, eating less, and moving more. There are however some slightly more weird tricks you can use in order to help make yourself more healthy. The first one is to replace paracetamols with granny smith apples. Apples help stave off headaches and proven by a […]

14 Must-Try Recovery Tools for When You’re Crazy Sore After a Workout

Good for you!  You have added an exercise component to your life in order to get healthy.  Is pain after your workouts slowing you down?  If you are dealing with post-workout soreness you may want to add some tools to your cool down routine to help you recover faster. Foam Rollers provide deep tissue massage […]

Can We Stop With the Self-Sabotage Already?

When a moment of clarity and motivation comes to an individual, it is like starting over fresh, with your eye on the prize. When a vision of a new life, or a new you comes to mind, it can take over your life and off you go on achieving your goal. As we get close […]

How Old is Your Heart?

The biological health of one’s heart can be directly attributed to lifestyle and length of life, illness, and disease. Measuring one’s aortic stiffness and blood pressure is a way to determine biological health of the heart. Until recently this could only be done with expensive medical equipment by a doctor. A device has been invented […]

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How Barbershops Can Keep Men Healthy | Joseph Ravenell

The Barbershop became a place for community outreach in the medical field. The Barbershop provides a place of sanctuary for black men and communities, a hub of safe social connection and information, a place where the community can keep watch over their friends. With an increased occurrence of high blood pressure among black males, there […]

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Creatine: What It Is, What It Does, and Its Side Effects

Creatine is a nonprotein substance that is synthesized in the body from three amino acids.  Creatine combines with phosphate to form phosphocreatine which is present in your muscles and is necessary for muscle contraction.  Standardized blood tests often check for creatine levels.  Elevated levels are found in the urine of individuals with muscular dystrophy.  Some weight lifters, […]

Cryotherapy Can Burn 800 Calories in THREE Minutes in Temperatures of MINUS 140 Degrees

Weight loss and maintaining an ideal body weight is a very big part of the modern culture. The weight loss industry is a mega money making industry with several products out there to help the consumer. Options include fad diets, hard core exercises, surgery, and now new one is coming on scene. Now, CryoFitness is […]