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Heart Doctors Recommend Less Screen Time, Sedentary Behavior For Kids

Doctors have been saying it for generations. Stay active, get exercise, it keeps you healthy. And until recently, these admonitions mostly applied to adults, because as we entered maturity we stopped engaging in physical activities and would trot off to the office every day, where we sit behind desks and in chairs. Children were always […]

Why Smog Should Not Be Your Excuse to Skip Workouts

Even if the air quality in your community isn’t the best, it’s still better to get out and be active than hide indoors behind filters. Doctors have, for a very long time, recommended regular exercise as one of the best things anyone can do to maintain good health. In fact, doctors continue to promote exercise […]

More U.S. Teens Saying ‘No’ to Smoking and Drinking

Today’s teenagers seem to be picking up alcohol or cigarettes significantly less often than their peers did in years past. Looking at the data covering the period of 1975 through 2014, the rate of teenagers who tried either dropped to twenty percent of its previous levels. Researchers reviewing the data conclude that anti-substance abuse campaign […]

Relentless Problems With Your Stomach? Be Aware of SIBO!

Some people can struggle with digestive problems for years. It might be as simple, if unpleasant and irritating, as gas and bloating; or it could be more serious, such as persistent diarrhea or worse. When the problem is chronic, it’s usually more than something you ate; it’s a medical issue with the flora and fauna […]

Mom’s Healthy Lifestyle Lowers Child’s Risk of Obesity

Your mom is everything. And new research is showing that to be even more true than it already was. Mothers who practice a healthy lifestyle and follow healthy behaviors are less likely to pass bad habits onto their children. Specifically, mothers who are not obese are less likely to have children who are obese, or […]

Blond woman giving up smoking

Smoking Down, but Tobacco Use Still a Major Cause of Death, Disease – WHO

While the overall number of people smoking has declined, especially for women, most countries will still not meet their target in reducing tobacco use by 2025. This remains a serious problem as nearly seven million people die every year from tobacco use, including almost 900,000 deaths due to second hand smoke. While the WHO ratified […]

Obesity: Both a Cause and a Result of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Being overweight can’t just make it more likely you could experience rheumatoid arthritis, but also worsen the symptoms you do experience. Being obese places greater stress on the body, both inside and out. Your organs will work harder to support the extra mass. One of the most obvious problems with a higher than ideal Body […]

Hot or Cold Shower? Which One Improve Your Regeneration More?

Does it matter what temperature you like your showers? Does it matter if you’re an athlete or someone else who is physically active, and regularly uses your body and muscles at a higher level than the normal person does? Some conventional athletic wisdom is that cold water, and especially using a sort of shock treatment […]

Negative Aspects of Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a natural human hormone that plays a key role in the growth and performance of muscles. It also helps the body process stored fat, helps bolster the heart, affects mood and general energy levels, and can even affect how insulin will work within the body. Testosterone also plays a role in sexual libido. […]

6 Reasons Why Are You Feeling Brain Fog

Whether you describe it as mental fatigue, memory problems or lack of ability to concentrate, brain fog, as it is otherwise known, is a common condition that effects many people at various points in their lives. There are many causes of brain fog, but there are some that are more common than others. Chronic stress […]