10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

Happiness is defined as good fortune; pleasure; contentment or joy.

A study from Northwestern University measured the happiness of regular people against lottery winners from the prior year…………..the happiness ratings of both groups were identical. WHAT?

Most of us desire to be happy.  And most of us can succeed for a time.  But lasting happiness that deep down cheerful attitude in all circumstances can be very hard to come by.   Forbes recently published an article about 10 habits that happy people seem to engage in that helps them have a sunny outlook no matter their circumstances.

10 Habits of Happy People:

Help Others – Helping other people boosts oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine.  All feel good chemicals in your body.  So by helping others you can make yourself happy.

Engage in Meaningful Interactions – Rather than superficial relationships and conversations, their talk focuses on serious conversations that have importance and build emotional connections with others.

Get Plenty of Good Quality Sleep – Sleep affects your energy, attention, memory and mood.  Happy people make sleep a priority.

Face Life with Optimism – Trouble is everywhere and affects everyone.  Happy people face problems, work out the best solution and move forward.  They also don’t let trouble get them down by cultivating a grateful attitude and focusing on the positive.  “Glass half full” people.

Surrounded by Other Happy People – Happiness spreads.  By hanging out with other positive people you can increase your own happiness and that of others.

Generous to Others – Research shows that spending money on other people makes you happier than spending money on yourself.

Exercise – Happy people regularly exercise.  When you exercise the neurotransmitter GABA is released which soothes the brain and helps with impulse control.

Appreciate The Little Things – Happy people slow down and ARE in the moment they are in. Letting go of yesterday and not worrying about tomorrow.

Have a Growth Mindset – Happy people believe they have the ability to change, improve and grow.  This makes them better at handling difficulties, they embrace challenges and look forward to new opportunities to learn.

Make an Effort to be Happy – Happy people evaluate their moods, make decisions, actively stay positive with the goal of happiness.

Life can be hard and every person no matter who you are has trouble at some point.  And happiness