10 Tips to Break Free From Stress

10 Tips to Break Free From Stress

By now you realize that you cannot control stress and that, as long as you live in the world, you are going to encounter some sort of stress in your life. You have probably learned the types of stress that you have encountered as well as the types of stress that you were able to control and those of which you had no control.

You have also learned that although you cannot control stress in your life, you can control the way that you react to stress. You have learned the difference between negative reaction and positive reactions.

There are many different ways you can alleviate stress in a positive manner. Here are a few positive steps to alleviate stress:

  1. Breathing exercises. Breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose. Take deep breaths and count to 10 in between each breath. Try to hold the air in your lungs for at least 10 seconds before exhaling through your nose.
  2. Get into a routine of watching a certain television program every evening and stick to it. Make sure that it is entertaining and funny. You can look forward to seeing this bit of entertainment each night and this will put some stability in your life.
  3. Get a dog. Although a dog may be stressful at first, a dog will force you to slow down when it comes to life. Like people, dogs thrive on routine. In addition to getting you to slow down, a dog will also help you settle into a routine.
  4. Find a creative pursuit. Stifled creativity can be very stressful for some people. This can also be the reason for your stress. Taking up a hobby that is fruitful such as painting or writing, can not only relieve your stress but eliminate the stress.
  5. Read a book before bed instead of taking sleeping pills. Reading a book is a natural way to relax and is a much better for insomnia than sleeping pills.
  6. Join a gym and force yourself to go. You may be more inclined to exercise if you actually shell out some money for the club. In addition to exercising, you will also get to meet different people.

  7. Join a group where you can meet people who have interests similar to your own. This will give you a renewed sense of confidence, enable you to make new friends and get your mind off of your own stressors.
  8. Volunteer to help someone else. Sometimes, just seeing other people who are way worse off than you is a real eye opener and instant stress relief. You e