5 Apps to Help Students Live the Healthiest Life

5 Apps to Help Students Live the Healthiest Life

In the pursuit of higher education and a distinguished diploma, students will spend a lot of time studying.  It is important for good health to keep a good life balance and remember some of life’s simple pleasures.  If your studies and student life starts to overwhelm you it can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.  Nowadays, using a smart phone and clever apps you can alleviate some of student life stress.  Apps that let you listen to music, keep up with your favorite sport team or allow you to read while on the go can help you keep a good study / life balance.  You can even find online help to assist with written papers and tons of research available at your fingertips as long as you have the internet.

Sleep Cycle

There is no need to buy expensive alarm devices that track your sleeping there is an app for that.  By now we all should know the importance good sleep plays into the ability to learn and retain information.  Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can impair decision making skills.  Sleep Cycle monitors the hours of your sleep and tells you what the best time to go to bed is for you specifically. Also, it shows the heart rate and overall body statistics. The premium version does not steal all your money for a constant upgrading. Thus, by using it, you can find out how sleep makes an impact on your well-being.

Did you know, the weather can even influence how well you sleep?

Google Calendar

It is not a secret that the planning of the day guarantees that you have a better chance to do all your tasks on time. A calendar app can help you get a good visual every morning of what is on your schedule.  Google calendar can help you keep all your assignments and appointments in one place.  That will assist you in getting your homework and papers turned in on time. Pay attention to the number of assignments for the day. Leave a few hours daily for routine tasks. And choose two days only for relaxation. For example, Sunday can be the yoga day to get rid of the stress. And Monday will be for friends’ visits. The calendar helps to organize your working time.

Water Time

When studying, we have to make our brain work nonstop. Hydration is essential for keeping your body running effectively, even your brain.  Optimal hydration helps to accelerate your metabolism. A water app can remind you to stop and take a drink. While writing an essay, set a goal of drinking water every 20 minutes. Such a pause will rest and refresh your mind and your assignment will be ready faster. Once you finish your work your body