Chronic Pain Common in Adults With Depression, Anxiety

Chronic Pain Common in Adults With Depression, Anxiety

A new study by Columbia University published in their “Journal of Affective Disorders” focused on 5000 adults in Brazil that struggled with anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders. The study found that about half of these patients reported chronic pain. Additionally, 33 percent of those surveyed reported respiratory diseases, 9 percent reported heart disease, and 11 percent reported arthritis or heart disease. High blood pressure was also associated with mood disorders, with 23 percent reporting it.

The biggest takeaway from these results is the fact that adults that suffer from two or more of the aforementioned chronic diseases tended to show increased risk of having a mood or anxiety disorder.

Dr. Silvia Martins’, an associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, gave her comments on the results of the study in a news release. She confirmed that the study highlights a significant upcoming health challenge for medical professionals. She deemed this pairing of chronic disease and psychiatric disorders a “pressing issue” and urged health care providers to keep it in mind when designing treatment and prevention plans for chronic illness patients. Overall, she believes that the serious mental health burden that chronic illnesses may register on a patient cannot be ignored.

Key Points:

  • 1Chronic diseases have a direct correlation to mood and anxiety disorders.
  • 2A Columbia University study shows how chronic diseases affect many disorders.
  • 3A new study shows how many chronic disorders are linked to mood disorders in patients.