How To Deal With Anxiety And Stress During These Difficult COVID-19 Times?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single person as well as every single industry all over the world. The pandemic has reached most countries, the majority of people are locked inside their homes and waiting for everything to end. The economic impact has been huge, though the psychological impact is no less. Sitting at home, with no specific answers and a lot of questions, is very stressful, people are looking for different ways to stay calm and somehow adapt to the current situation, as we can not change much about it.

We all have to sacrifice our freedom, income, social lives, and more to the pandemic and the strict quarantine guidelines. Nonetheless, we still have to acknowledge that all of this is going to finish sooner or later and we have to overcome these difficult times. All in all, we are all in this together.


How To Be Less Stressed


People all over the world are looking for some ways to entertain themselves and to make their lives at least a bit more comfortable despite the limitations and regulations. Some people are doing webinars, others took up drawing, singing, dancing, exercising, and much more.

If you have a creative mind and can execute your ideas, perhaps this is one of the best moments to catch your wave and to think of some startups and make a business plan, which will work even outside the pandemic world and might become the source of your inspiration as well as income.

We have all wished for being able to sleep a bit more, having a bit more time for watching movies or cooking delicious meals. Imagine that all of your wishes have come true all at once. You can sleep a bit longer, turn on the music, cook, and then watch the movie you always wanted to.

Doing things that you have always wanted will make you less stressed about the situation outside of your home. While doing all of those things you will have less time to think about the Coronavirus and the outcomes it has brought. Just read a book, start watching a TV series or watch some video tutorials to get acquainted with some new activities. Don’t forget to exercise even for 15 minutes. It is essential to stay active. While you are sitting at home you still need to spend the energy that you have.

Also, this is the best time for you to start dieting if you’ve been wanting to do that. During this time it means that you can cook for yourself and eat healthier food. Considering the fact that you can not really visit any of your favorite fast food places for some time, the alternative of cooking and eating healthy food is very appealing.


Reducing Anxiety


Many people have anxiety attacks, and during a stressful period, the attacks can be provoked more frequently. In order to avoid further anxiety attacks and generally try to maintain the calmness and positive attitude, you need to find the best relief options for yourself.

Lavender is known to have stress-relieving features. It is used in medicine and in the esthetic industry a lot. Lavender has a calming character and thus many people use it in oils and teas in order to get that calming effect. Lavender eye pillows can also positively affect your stress level, as it includes the lavender oil itself, which is known and proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety.

With the development of different products and remedies, it is easier to find a certain item now, which can stand as a stress and anxiety reliever for some people. In the 21st century, we’ve been able to ramp up the coziness of almost all daily household items such as blankets, pillows, and even beds themselves. With that said, a weighted anxiety blanket is a newer addition that has been tested to be a true anxiety reliever. The whole trick of the blanket is that it is 3 to 5 times heavier than your ordinary blanket, which is proven to give you a better and deeper sleep. This means that you should not have any sleep deprivation and thus, your quality of sleep will be improved. If the quality of your sleep is improved, it means that you should wake up less stressed and the levels of your anxiety should be reduced significantly.

Besides the blanket, there are some more items that you can use to reduce anxiety during, especially stressful times. Objects like fidget spinners, or worry stones can act as a great stress relief. The fidget spinner helps you to switch your attention to something other than your anxiety. Simply holding something in your hands can reduce your stress level by taking your mind off of things that are worrying you.   People who have anxiety attacks, or feel especially nervous while public speaking, are usually recommended holding something in their hands. The “worry stone”, which is believed to be helpful but has no scientific approval is another option. These stones are used in different bracelets or are sold individually. Putting them on specific spots on your body, can reduce the level of stress and anxiety, and even pain.


Speak with a Psychologist


The fact that we are locked in our houses and are limited in actions, can be very stressful. Other additional stress factors, like unemployment, stressful environment at home, and many more are not helping the situation. Thus, during the pandemic, many psychologists and psychiatrists have offered their help to those in need. They offer free courses and private sessions for people who can not overcome the stress alone and need a helping hand of professionals.

Many people have already connected with psychologists online and have received their help. Besides the private sessions, there are also online courses led by the professionals, who will teach you how to manage your temper and how to deal with the stress naturally.


These are only a few examples of how you can overcome stressful situations during these difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember, you are not alone and despite the social distancing, there are still a lot of things you can do. Use this time for bettering your health first and foremost.  



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