Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise Against Depression, Suicide

Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise Against Depression, Suicide

New medical research out of New York has found that ketamine might be able to rapidly and safely ease suicidal thoughts, and depression. While the study was small, it showed remarkable results in patients who were severely depressed. Those participating had been judged by psychologists to be in a high risk category for suicide due to the severity of their depression.

The study participants were divided into two groups, and given nasal sprays that contained either a placebo substance or an areosol form of ketamine. The study was conducted in a double blind fashion, to avoid even the researchers knowing which patients were receiving the medication being investigated. The results were very encouraging. Four hours on from using the spray, and even a full day later, depressive and suicidal thoughts had dropped in strength by as much as forty percent. The scores were generated by the patients ranking their own feelings, as well as in interviews with psychologists.

The patients participating in the study were already on standard antidepressant medications, so the new nasal form of ketamine could be combined with that treatment. Additionally, the spray offers an immediate form of relief that patients could use when their mental status spikes negatively. While further research is required, the results are very encouraging and psychologists are hoping it will bear out and become good news for those at risk for suicide.

Key Points:

  • 1Ketamine nasal spray shows some promise as a way of relieving depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • 2This study was very limited, and more research is needed.
  • 3Most depression medication takes many weeks in your system to see results. Ketamine spray was working in hours to ease depression.

And while the benefits seen in this small study are encouraging, Canuso’s team stressed that ketamine does come with a potential for abuse.

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