10 States Pass Hemp Industry Legislations in April

10 States Pass Hemp Industry Legislations in April

The general legalization and acceptance of cannabis seems to be becoming more widespread with each passing month. As of April, ten states have announced new rules and regulations that will remove or loosen previous restrictions on hemp production and industrial uses of the cannabis fiber product. Three also approved medical marijuana laws, which are now seen as an inevitable, if unfortunately partial, step toward full legalization of cannabis.

In the states that approved medical uses of cannabis, Ohio, Kansas, and Pennsylvania, adults would be able to make use of the herb or products produce from it, for a variety of medical uses. In Ohio, adults would even be allowed to grow and make available marijuana to others for medical purposes. Kansas restricted its focus to hemp oil with legislation that approves its use for treatment of seizures. In Pennsylvania, they also approved it for seizure patients, but also listed it for pain relief as well.

Regarding hemp, a number of states are awakening to the possibilities that can be realized when hemp is utilized industrially. Many of these state legislators seem eager to see their state’s farmers begin cultivating hemp as an agriculture product. And once hemp is available in sufficient quantities, industrial uses can continue to ramp up and become available on the general market.

Key Points:

  • 1States are taking a new look at hemp related legislation as of lately. They want to pass laws that cover the hemp industry on the whole.
  • 2April has been a big month for that kind of hemp related legislation. The United States has seen all new legislation that targets hemp growing in some significant ways.
  • 3Research across the United States is focused on keeping hemp in the spotlight. Take a look at the hemp industry legislation that will take effect.

April proved to be a pivotal month for the legalization of hemp growing and research across the United States.

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