Stress From Being Too Connected (cell phones, text, email)

People love gadgets, and today we have lots of gadgets to love, but the main thing we have that we would just be lost without is our cell phones. Iphones, smart phones, android, some people (like me) carry a cell phone mostly just for making phone calls or keeping track of appointments days, weeks, or months away, and even for that I find it indispensable. But many people carry a cell phone that is more than just a phone, they use it for everything.

Their lives are in there, they use their phone for work, they use it to keep their appointments, and they have tons of pictures of friends and family. They use it for their music, they use it for email and web browsing, and they use it to get directions. They use it to start their cars; they use it to play games to pass the time when they are bored or waiting for anything from a bus to the receptionist to call their name at the doctors” â„¢ office. They can even use it to operate their home security systems; just name it, that”s what cell phones can do. They even make a fine companion while napping.

It is almost as if we have become the cyborg of science fiction, part human and part machine, except that the machine part is external, so far. We are so connected to our cell phones, as well as other devices, laptops, pc”s at home, game systems, if we were to lose them or have to stop using them we would actually go into withdrawal like a drug addict, yes it”s that bad. Just try it for a day and see how you do.

All of this “being connected” is stressing us out and most people don”t even realize it. You don”t get a moments peace with all of this “being connected”. Text messages and phone calls go where you go. Back in the day when you left the house you left the phone, and if someone were to call and find that you were not available, they could leave a message or call back later, and a text took days to get (it was called a letter back then). Now when you leave the house it all goes with you, never a moments” â„¢ peace.

This lack of peace is what is stressing you. Whether it is actually the absence of the peace and quiet you might have if you weren”t always available, or the stress you might feel if you suddenly found that you were no longer in possession of your beloved device, for one reason or another, they are stressing us out.

And lets’ not even think about how stressed you would become if it were lost or stolen! OMG! What will you do now? All of your pictures and appointments were on it! You had over 1000 songs on there too! And oh no! What if someone is trying to call or text you right now?! What will you do? I know in these days and times it seems almost impossible to get by without it, and I would try to tell you that you can, but the fact of the matter is, we can’t. ;)


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7. April 2017
7. April 2017
This was really good to know. But there is one thing I think you did wrong. You put this on a WEBSITE and people get to websites from a electronic. So your just basically causing stress to other people in the world. So HA.


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