Diabetes: Prevention thru Better Nutrition

Diabetes: Prevention thru Better Nutrition

An ounce of prevention is always better than cure, particularly if diabetes runs in your family.  But this time, people need tons of prevention to keep this chronic disease from further seeping into the mainstream not only of the American society but also of societies all over the world.

Diabetes has become so widespread that the United States spends as much as $100 billion a year for the healthcare of Americans with diabetes.  Millions of people all over the world have diabetes.  The sad thing is most of them do not know they have it until it is too late.

Diabetes is a devastating disease which can damage the vital organs of the body   including the kidneys, heart and the eyes.  While diabetes does not really kill people, it can result to more serious and complicated diseases.  Diabetes may not kill people as a general rule, but it makes them lose their eyesight, and leads them to kidney and heart problems, and later on, death.

People with diabetes can survive the diseases provided they practice proper health care.  Those who do not have the disease, but are in danger of getting the disease due to heredity, can avoid getting the Big D through proper nutrition.

Aside from heredity, the top cause of diabetes is improper diet.  Modern man’s propensity for leading hectic lives has led them into eating the wrong kinds of food.  Man has become so obsessed with wealth creation and pleasure, that he has no more time to prepare a well-balanced meal.  Thus, the modern man’s diet consists of canned goods, processed fish, meat and vegetables that can be eaten immediately by just popping it inside a microwave.  The modern world has convinced man to have a preference for refined food, from sugar to grains.

Most people who are healthy all their lives are getting diabetes and the culprit is the kind of food they eat, and our ignorance as to the nutrient content of the food we eat.

But there are health-friendly foods that are available in the market, one only has to learn how to recognize and eat them.   It’s just a matter of changing our choice of food, like preferring whole grains over refined grains such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and the likes.  Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat, sweet and oily food.  It also helps to read the labels of processed food, to determine the amount of one’s carbohydrate intakes.

Most people shy away from eating right because of the misconception about proper dieting.  It is okay to eat certain kinds of food but you need to know how to eat them properly like knowing the proper number of servings, or the better way of cooking such food. If you find vegetables boring, then be creative in your food preparation.  Differently-colored salads can encourage your good appetite.

If you can’t resist oily food, then avoid going to fast food joints because seeing french-fries hungry people will just make your saliva drop and will make you forget