Eating disorders are a very real thing and there are millions of people who are dealing with Osteoporosis which is caused when the bones in your body are less dense than normal which in return causes them to fracture fairly easily. As of this date there are over 50 million people who are diagnosed with Osteoporosis which does have a connection with Anorexia. As mentioned in the article, a person can have both nutritional and hormonal shifts that effect and determine the bone density. For women, a low body weight is likely to stop estrogen production within your body and disrupt the menstrual cycle which can then affect your bone destiny.  A massive loss of bone density can then lead to potentially being diagnosed with osteoporosis. Having poor nutrition and other factors can play a big role in how all of this is determined and how your body reacts as well. One thing you can do to fix this issue if you are concerned or are having any kind of symptoms is to intake more Vitamin D.  Most people who have issues are lacking the necessary amount of Vitamin D in their body since Vitamin D can help reverse the effects of the loss in bone density

Key Points:

  • 1Anorexia, an eating disorder is connected to decreased bone density and vitamin D deficiencies.
  • 2Cortisol, an adrenal hormone produced by anorexia can actually contribute to bone loss.
  • 3In order to reverse bones loss associated with anorexia it is best to supplement Vitamin D in your diet whether it comes from food or food supplements.

Previous research suggests that low bone density is common in people with anorexia and that bone loss starts decreasing in the early stages of the disease.


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