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Essential Oils and Pests

Ahhhh….summertime.     Sunshine, warm breezes and bugs.   Creeping, crawling, flying, biting bugs.   What was meant to be a relaxing evening in your backyard is now an all out battle against the little pests.   Not only do they bite, sting and generally annoy us, but according to the website ”Human diseases […]

Essential Oils and Laundry

In the Wash Now that you have pre-treated the stains and your clothing is now ready for the actual wash cycle.   Laundry soap, bleach and fabric softener are all laden with harsh chemicals and toxins.   One such chemical is 1,4-dioxane.   Exposure, even at very low levels, to 1,4-dioxane resulted in lab animals […]

Essential Oils 101

Steam distillation is the most common of all oil extraction methods.   This processes allows oils to be extracted from very delicate flowers and plant materials.   During this process it is critical to control temperature and pressure to avoid burning the oils during distillation.   A water bath is placed over a heat source, […]